January in numbers

by - February 01, 2016

One goal, said in one word.  That's all I gave myself for the year: health.  January has been all about getting back on track, getting out the bad habits that were so easily created over the holidays.  This year I will continue to review my months using numbers. No clue why I even started doing it, but hey, it's different.  You can read my previous posts here.  But this year I'm going to add to it.  I also want to revisit my goals and keep myself accountable.  So I will also be addressing how I did with those goals whilst reflecting on my month too. FYI.

So like I said, my big goal for the year is health, but because big goals scare me, I need to break it down into something smaller.  So my goal for January was to not eat chips.  3 is the number of chips I (accidentally) ate at a gathering for ball.  I wasn't even thinking; my body, with pure muscle memory, just went for the Mexican Chili chips.   But in my defence, I appallingly dropped the chip in question and cursed.  But then I had two because oops.  But really, chips are my go-to stress food that I have at night when I'm working.  To cut them out entirely is quite the feat. I win.

So now my small, attainable Feb goal.  I will be continuing with the chip ban, I'm all about scaffolding my teaching, and chip denying too.  But I now want to limit the nights that I'm allowed to eat after 8 pm to 3 nights a week (The night I watch the Bachelor and have wine and cheese and the weekend).  So there you have it, it's written down, I have to do it.

Now back to my month review in numbers.  In January:

While we're talking health...

0 lbs lost or gained.  My goal for Feb is to drop 4 lbs.  It would be a good start for the 16 lost in 2016.
12 good workouts in, but a weird variety of treadmill, Insanity videos, cross country skiing and the gym.  I feel like now that the crazy of January is over, I can now concentrate on me.  Which means weight training and lots of cardio.  And better eating.  My goal for Feb is to work out 21 of the 29 days.

And a little bit about work....

10 + hours correcting finals and marking final projects.  I love finals time but correcting isn't always my favourite.  3+ hours a night working on cyber translations or corrections.  I really went over board for the past couple months and desperately need to work on balance.
31 episodes of Jane the Virgin on Shomi.   That's what I watch when I work. OR
15 episodes of Parenthood (also Shomi).  Also what I watch when I work.  I am loving this show!
My goal for this month was to survive and yay, I did.  Next month I want to find a couple new strategies or technologies to incorporate into my teaching.

And my other job, this blog...

2296 page views (up from 2113).  My goal was to be more interactive, so I did a couple linkups this month and commented slash reached out to some new bloggers.  My goal in Feb is to focus more on my social media channels and how they can enhance my blog.

216 pictures in our Instagram challenge.  Thanks to all who participated! Our January words were new, shine, fresh and great.

Join us in February!

Kay, but can I add my most favourite picture of the month? I mean it's cute because of the two monkeys, but also, I tagged Josh Donaldson in it and he liked it!

A photo posted by MammaBear Simair (@shoestoshiraz) on

Time with friends this month:

1 wine and paint night with the Splurge group

1 roadtrip with the former ball team for an awards banquet.

1 birthday celebration for our young friend, Sara.

1 crazy ladies' night out to see Dirty Dancing.

1 family fun date for our supper club group at Jordan's.

Now on to me....

3 books read (my goal is to read 30 in 2016):

I LOVED Winter Street and Stroll and can't wait, but will have to, for the 3rd book. Highly recommend them.  The Yogi Berra book was interesting from a historic viewpoint but too much Yankee info for me.

22 Selfies- I seem to take a lot of makeup pictures...I had 16 selfies last month and my goal was to take more picture of beautiful and inspiring things.....

so I have really tried to step up my video and photo game, which is very fun with the new cam to play with.  Here are a 9 of my favourite pictures from this month:

My goal for Feb is to work on action shots.

Outfit pictures, all sent to either Shaunacey or Jordan.

1 weekend spent putting together office furniture at the new Skipthedishes headquarters in Saskatoon.  There was 27 chairs to assemble and Willis did 8 of them.

How about your month?  Link up your numbers posts with me!
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  1. Living on Cloud Nine28 January, 2018 22:17

    I love this numbers post!!! Ahhh you took me back to Parenthood again. My husband and I have watched all the seasons twice, twice!! And I still cried in many the second time around!! I feel best drama to ever be on TV! How great to out the kiddos to work putting together that office furniture, and building forts!! Loved big ole cardboard boxes for that!! Great month and I'll bet February is going to be even better!!!

  2. I need to start jane the virgin! We just downloaded Shomi on our playstation, and have been watching iZombie. Yay for parenthood. Also those Winter books look cozy , I totally judge a book a by it’s cover and now I want
    to read those! Your Chevron outfit is my fave – love!

  3. Where to begin...
    Why don't you send me outfit pics???
    I can't believe how good the paintings are! I thought one of the girls was me. oops. Guess I just wish I was there.
    I also loved the winter stroll/street books.
    The end.

  4. Haha! The outfit pictures...loved that second one. Who is taking those pictures for you? I started watched Jane the Virgin after my surgery, and forgot to tape the first few episodes of the new season when it started...so now I have to wait for it to come out on Netflix...arg! Although, what is Shomi...need to look into that.

  5. I have watched every episode except the season finale! It got deleted from the DVR, so I was waiting for it to come out on Netflix and now that it's out, I don't want it to end, so I'm just not going to watch it, haha.

  6. I really enjoyed this post, it was so interesting! Skype later today perchance? Signed your mother.

  7. AMAZING month!!!! I love that we text each other outfits... where would I be without being able to ask your opinion?!
    LOVE Shomi AND Netflix, though we've mostly been watching House lately (addicted all over again).
    Are you and all of your friends artists? Seriously, I want to do a wine and painting thing but I have NO talent, ZERO, and I fear I'd just too much wine and throw paint on the canvas just to say I participated #failure.
    I'm gonna post my numbers post tomorrow!
    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  8. Love this blog challenge! Your muscle memory failed you by eating three chips, haha. I love your aliby. You have adorable kids. I'd love to get my future kid into hockey! Unless it's a girl, ballet for her. Action shots are my favorite, excited to see more! You look healthy and rock each outfit, my favorite is with the chevron cardigan.

    - Harlynn

  9. Love your selfie collage! And my favorite post of yours this month was about the road trip! Love all the numbers you included! Loved too, seeing Skip the Dishes come together!

  10. I love the idea of smaller goals within the larger goals - I'm gonna do that. And looking at your selfie collage, all I can say is, you're gorgeous.

  11. I can totally see how you've watched it twice, I am LOVING it!

  12. I think Feb will be better, because it started with a dog music video. Just saying.

  13. Book covers are deal breakers for me too. Jane the Virgin is super cute and funny.

  14. Where do I begin?
    1- You will now receive an abundance of my outfit pictures.
    2- Fact. We are practically artists now and of course you should have been there.
    3- I'm kinda mad but still happy there's a 3rd. I just don't want to wait.
    La fin.

  15. Thanks for stopping by! .......so I just went and checked out your blog and you had me at Bitch, please I'm from Detroit. Considered it followed. Looking forward to getting to know you more.

  16. My desk is taking pictures for me. I'm sneaky. Shomi is like Netflix...it's where I get Parenthood from . But we have different selection on Netflix than you...so who knows if you even get it. If you do, I'll send you some more ketchup chips to enjoy as you watch.

  17. You should post your outfit pic you sent me today. THOSE LEGGINGS!

  18. Aw, thanks. I don't feel that way most the time, but just hearing that from you, makes me maybe believe it!

  19. GAWD, I need to stop taking selfies.

  20. Cute outfits! My post will be up in a few days!

  21. I have got to start counting my stuff. I love these posts. Great job on the chips. . . and I like the only eat 3 nights a week idea. Might copy it.

  22. Of all the counters in the world, you are my favourite. Link up with us next month! I would love to see the number of pounds of butter consumed in your house.

  23. Hahahaha! Mmmmmmm. . . .Butter. . . .

  24. Love these posts! Way to go on the chips!!!! And 21 out of 29!!! good for you!

  25. Haha, thanks Deena! Looking forward to learn more about you too.

  26. Love seeing a cross on your classroom wall. I snuck and hung one on my library wall in my public school library. For shame, huh? And I hung a bag of soil blessed by the Pope on my bulletin board (looked like a science project) and a found set of rosary beads...and I am not even Catholic! Love the outfit with your extended tongue as an accessory.


Have a lovely day!