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My goal for Lent was to focus on the betterment of me in four categories: the physical self, the intellectual self, the spiritual self and the mental self.  You can read about my own word goal for the year here .
This past week I have been doing focusing on my mental health which gave me a huge revelation: I need to get over feeling guilty about taking time for myself when I know I need it.

We went to Edmonton last week for a little family vacation and last minute, Dan had to fly to Winnipeg on the final day.  Which meant I had to do the last day with just the kids and the 5 hour drive home.  Thank goodness my kids are generally well behaved and easy to handle, but it is tiring to parent alone.  Especially in Ikea.
So why is it, that when Dan offers to take the kids for a couple hours when he got back home on the weekend that I felt selfish for the 3 hours of alone time, WHEN I HAD JUST PARENTED 3 DAYS ALONE.

My husband is a capable parent.  Why do I need to feel like I'm taking care of him too?  Why do I feel like I need to be EVERYWHERE they go?

How many of us plan out meals for our husbands or line up activities for them when we're gone out for a few hours of rejuvenation with the girls? Why do we do that?  Why do I feel the need to cut my Red Lobster/Winner walk dates with my friends short because I feel the need to ALWAYS be with my family?

I need to remember that by taking those few hours of solitude, I am recharging my batteries so I can be a better mom.  Everyone wins, really.  Kids get quality time with Dad, I get shit done and everyone is happy.

I have come to realize that I need to work on being a more guiltless-me.  I know the importance of taking care of myself, so why can't I just go with it and get over the fact that maybe I'm not needed ALL THE TIME.

Reads and recommends of the week:

My blogging friend, Lisa recommended this book.  I'm intrigued because it links in my spiritual goal as well.  I currently have it on hold for the audio copy.  I think this would be a good listen whilst I drive.

A newer blog that I've started following, Beth from
Our Pretty Little Girls, wrote a really good post about her realization about her seasonal depression and how she deals with it.  

I picked this book up this past weekend...I think it was written just for me.  #1- I hated the Konmari book that it is parodying and #2- Fbomb in the title.

It really is important that we pay attention to what we need and sometimes that means concentrating on the me instead of everyone else in your care.  And for me, that means getting rid of the guilt.  Any tricks of the trade to share with me today?

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In the next couple weeks, I'm going to cover how I'm working on my physical self, which means fitness but also style.  The Blended Bloggers have put together a fun style challenge which goes with my whole theme of developing your personal style.  Each prompt was given by a specific blogger (we all picked a look that best represented our go-to style) and then on the date, that blogger will feature their look on the Blended Blog and all the participating bloggers, through a link up will showcase how they styled it on their personal blogs.  I think this is awesome because it will show how you can wear these looks at different ages, different careers and even different climates.  If you're a blogger, we'd love for you to link up too.  If you aren't, we'd love to see your looks on any social media platform by using the hashtag with your picture!  Can you guess which prompt is mine?

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