Food Goals 5: Day made with all the sandwiches


The Roasted Red Pepper, the Chicken Caesar Club &
the Croque-Monsieur

1) The Roasted Red Pepper.  Cooking is made fun when my assistants are super cute.  This sandwich was just needed less stuff on the inside and less bread.  Never thought I'd say that.  We also subbed out goat cheese for a spreadable feta.  Très yummy.

2) The Chicken Caesar Club:  This one was a huge hit and I was able to use the leftover dressing for a salad the next day.  I love homemade salad dressing.

3) Le Croque-Monsieur: I loved this sandwich and it was especially good the day after we served a big ham and had tons of leftovers.

Our typical go-to sandwich is the classic Grilled Cheese or dill pickles and cheese (okay, that's just for me.)  It was nice to try something different in our rotation!
Have a great weekend.

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