Christmas Gift Guide

Food Goals 4: oy, that's a lot of soup.

All kinds of soups for you to sample today.  Reviews by the family are at the bottom

1) Provencal Vegetable: I stayed true to this recipe and it was awesome.

2) Winter Squash Soup: It made me happy to use some of our puréed pumpkin for this one

3) Mexican Soup: stayed true to recipe minus the jalapenos; just trying to keep it kid friendly.

4) Zucchini Vichyssoise: I went heavy on the zucchini and lighter on the potatoes.

The verdict:
Lucia LOVED the Mexican Soup and after devouring her bowl that night at supper, she requested it for a bedtime snack.
Willis loved the zucchini soup, which really surprised me.  I thought he would have picked the vegetable soup.
Aunty Monique thought the Mexican Soup was incredible.
Uncles Josh and Chris tried the zucchini soup and loved it, but they weren't allowed to complain because I said so.
My mom and dad loved the vegetable soup, but that's the only one they tried.
My favourite was the zucchini soup- I can't wait to do this one again in the fall when I have tons of zucchini from the garden.  
The least favourite for the kids was the squash soup, which is too bad because I kinda liked it.
Dan- I've stopped asking him because he only likes the desserts.

Have a great weekend!