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Food Goals 3, the one with the little birds.

For my food goal post today, I have a full meal covered.  And because I would never have picked this if I hadn't given myself the task of cooking every recipe in 2 Barefoot Contessa books, I am now that much more versed in small chickens.  Or something like that.  You can see what I've been cooking here.

Today we have Green Herb Dip, Cornish Hens with cornbread stuffing, Broccolini & Balsamic Vinaigrette and Frozen Berries with Hot White Chocolate.

Let's start with the dip, (here) was fantastic and easy to make.  I will do this one again in a flash.  The kids also loved it...or they loved the pretzels.  Whatever.

Next up is the Broccolini (recipe here) which was just okay.  I think the dressing needed more kick and I didn't like how the veggies felt like they were soaking in it. 

 The kids' ratings weren't awesome.  But then again, they aren't normally broccoli's number one fans and I couldn't convince them that broccolini was broccoli's cute cousin whom everyone liked.....

Next up the Cornish Hens, which took much searching.  Recipe here. I eventually found them at Prairie Meats on 51st (in YXE) and then later...a month after I had made this I noticed that they were at the Co-op that I frequent regularly (University Heights) and also Superstore.

Cornish Hens, the verdict was that they were delicious.  2 small hens was enough to feed the four of us.  I would love to do this dish one year for thanksgiving so everyone could have their own bird. The only thing I didn't do with this recipe was use cornbread for the stuffing.

For dessert we had Frozen Berries with Hot White Chocolate (recipe here)
This recipe needed more white chocolate to the taste and to be heated super hot.  I would also do this dessert in the summer when we have fresh berries from our backyard.  This is on my try again list.

I clearly need to invest in a double boiler....

There you have it!  Have any recipes you want to share?