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Defining your signature look. Part 1

Last week I showed you my three go-to signature style outfits as a teacher while participating in Carrie, Casey and Whitney's Create28.  You can read my original post here, along with a not so pleasant comment left by a troll.
But I love the fact that my blogfriends immediately had my back.
#feeling loved.
I have never in my life been told that what I wear isn't appropriate or presentable, so that was a first and an entertaining one nonetheless.  Sure, I probably should have changed out of my tights that look like they're tall socks as I wouldn't wear those to school, but I didn't realize I had them on until after the photos and I was too lazy to take the pictures again.
Also, if you're going to leave a more critical comment on someone's blog, at least have the balls to back up your profile with your true identify.

Enough about that, let's move on.
So I spent last week talking about defining your own personal style so I figured that I should probably put my words into action and show you the outcome and the benefits of figuring out who you are stylistically (which isn't a word but sounds pretty so we'll go with it) but also personally.  It's good to know who you are because chances are your style (and body) have changed significantly since high school or that younger version of yourself that you keep holding on to.  (25 year old Deena for me)

So I thought I would start with my first point from last week's post:

Observe, take notes and curate

Step 1: For your viewing pleasure, I dissected my closet and didn't clean before taking this picture. Just keeping it real.  The top left is where I keep all my dresses, skirts and dress pants.  The top right are all my cardis, sweaters and ponchos and the lower rack are the dress shirts, blouses and such. So if I were to take a closer look at what I have for clothing, it is very difficult to see any patterns when, although grouped into categories, everything is still a mumble jumble of items.

 First step was to go through my tops and sort them into patterns and colours.  The mess ended up looking like this:

Patterns, then black and greys, then shades of blue, followed by random colours (in the burgundy/orange family) et ensuite whites and off whites.

My observations are as follows: I'm either wearing something patterned or something neutral like black or cream.  When I look at my sweaters and ponchos, it's the exact same, except it's mostly blacks and greys.

Step 2: Look at the type of outfits I'm drawn to on my Pinterest boards: outfits to recreate.  I have some pinned for specific looks that I wanted to do for Christmas parties (clearly I was obsessed with the sparkle), others seem to be for some casual outfits.  Most come from a couple of my style icons: Canadian coolio Jillian Harris or my favourite style blogger: Hello, Gorgeous.  If I look at the majority of the outfits they are normally quite simple and have some pop of something: colourful blazer, fun shoes, cool jewelry or wild pants/leggings.

I can already see a pattern by simply looking at my closet or the outfits I gravitate to on other people. If you look in my closet, there are a lot of patterned tops because most of my work pants are neutral. I also have a bunch of neutral shirts, it's because they are typically paired with something crazy on the bottom.

What I know about my style (just from these observations)

1- I am not one for a monochromatic look.  In fact, I did that grey on grey thing for the first time in the history of me during Lisa's style challenge.  I liked it, but my favourite part was the bright pink lipstick.  Clearly, I'm drawn to pops of something.

2- There is always something in my outfit that is a statement piece and it ranges from tops to bottoms to shoes.  Never at the same time, right?  Let's avoid wearing all our statement pieces at once, à la Janice.


So now what?  From here I would go through my wardrobe and look for pieces that are similar in cut and style and really take a look at what works and what doesn't work for my body type.  But more on that later.

How about for now, your homework is to simply take a look in your closet or your pin boards (or the people you stalk on social media) to see if you can identify any patterns.  Group things together if it helps.

I'd love to hear any discoveries in the comments!

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