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Defining my style

Is it wrong to say that I wanted to go back to the classroom after my year at home with Lucia so I could wear pretty shoes?

What I wear in my job is a creative expression of who I am and I feel fortunate that I get to play dress up everyday for a group of my favourite teenage comrades.  Being a high school French teacher for the past 15 years,  I only now feel that I have my style figured out, which hasn't necessarily been easy to do.  I fell into the trap of wearing only what was trendy, cheap or what others' thought I should wear.  It wasn't until I figured out what works for my body, my job and my personality that I really became comfortable in my own skin.

Here are a couple pointers to help you figure out what your style is:

1- Observe, take notes and curate.  Whose style do you admire?  My style spirit animal is Jillian Harris; I want EVERYTHING she wears. What kind of looks are you pinning?  Here are my outfits to recreate board. Do you have friends' whose closets you want to secretly pilfer for your own?  Take a step back and look at the patterns of the items you like; they are likely clues into your own personal look.

2- Ask someone.  I know that any of my friends could easily pick out pieces for me.  What do you wear that becomes "so you" that anytime someone sees something similar, they think of you?

3-  Play your strengths. Know what works on your body and what doesn't.  I like this website for a visual on what works well with your shape.  Think also in colour palettes too.  I know that pale shades don't bode well against my skin tone.   What colours bring out your best qualities?

4- Think whole package.  Your style isn't only what you put on your body, but also your hair, your makeup and accessories.  It's one thing to have a killer outfit, but if you don't comb your hair or wash your face then what's the point?  Do you have a signature piece? I always think of pearls when I think of my Grams.  Play with different makeup techniques or hairdos to find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

5- Confidence is key.  Once you've figured out what works best for your personality, your body type, and your colouring, embrace it, own it and love it.  Take pride in how you look and SMILE, nothing is more radiant that a confidant woman!

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you my 3 teacher looks that are a reflection of my personal style and speaking of personal style, stayed tuned for a great series by the Blended Bloggers...I can't wait to show you my 'typical Deena' outfit that I'm making them recreate!  Join in with us, prompts coming soon.

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