A day in my life: weekend edition

by - February 04, 2016

Welcome to a day in my life on a weekend.  Thanks for coming over from Shaunacey's place..you are now in Saskatchewan.  Tough to spell, easy to draw.

So this is what Saturday, January 23rd looked like for me:

9:30 wakeup.  Dan and I share sleep in mornings.  Typical sleep in is 830-9...930 makes it a REAL good day!

10:00 coffee and cyber catch up, blog work: I woke up to no kids or hubby in the house, Dan brought them to the Skip office to start assembling chairs.  building box forts.

Kids come home at 1030 because they couldn't get into skip.  Kids were not impressed.

1130- Lucia wants to go tobogganing.  I have yet to have breakfast. Ah well. Coffee does the job. Wait Lucia and Willis brought home some timbits and managed to leave me the crappy ones. Ah well, they will do.  For the record, I like sour cream glazed.

1130-1137 toboggan with Lucy and the dogs

Lunch- left over Mexican soup, Lucia's favorite new soup. (One of my recipes from my Food Goals challenge...you'll have to wait to see it).  Wearing my weekend uniform: jeans and a comfy tee and sweater.

12:15- Time to get ready.  Lucy sometimes likes to play on the ground in my closet when I'm getting ready.  And then she likes to use my makeup.  Today I tried a foundation that I got as a sample from Sephora...I think it's going to be a keeper!

1230: bring Lucia to the SkiptheDishes office and trade kids so I can bring Willis to his basketball game.  Stay to help set up some new furniture.

2-3: Willis' basketball game.  His love the sport is give and take...today was not so much love.

Head back to skip, switch kids so I can take Lucy to get groceries, plus also all Willis wants to do is set up Forklen Sndklfas or whatever the Ikea chair was called.

Lucy and I get groceries...it takes what seems like forever and I tend to not have patience with dumb people in grocery stores. Or anywhere really.

Head home, make supper, which really means eat the sushi Lucia insisted we have for supper.  She also thought we needed a wrapper tray. And cream eggs.  Sheesh, that's what happens when you put her in charge of supper plans. Boys get home with KFC.  Cue my sister rolling her eyes and gagging.

I clean kitchen while Dan plays Lego with the kids. Which may sound like a bad trade off but I really love cleaning.  I'm strange. And should be locked up.

Prep the snack for my Monday's grade 11 final project viewing party.

Cuddle and read stories with Lucia.

Prep dessert for Sunday's feast...also having the two Simair brothers over so I need to make some fun things for them to test.

Google Hangout with Blog friends.

That's it.  I thought my Saturday would be way more uneventful, but putting this together made me think it was pretty decent.

Now on to Katie's house on Long Island for her tales of January 23rd.

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Have a lovely day!