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Nostalgic #6

I have loved being able to look back at my old posts for this one day a month.  I need to do it more often.  Shaunacey  had a great idea that she shared during our weekend "Girls Night In" Google Hangout.  While I'm at it, I'll just say I might as well link up with her today for her Mondays of Gratitude because I'm GRATEFUL for the idea she gave me. Or that I stole from her. Whatever.

Anyway, it got me thinking, why aren't I using more of my old content more often???  So today will be the last formal "Nostalgic Series" post.  You can expect a little more random doses of what I use to write in the future.  Just because I can.

This was one of my favourite posts just because it is soooo very typical of Dan and my relationship.  You can read the original posts here with the comments.


A conversation over email yesterday with my husband nearly resulted in our divorce. He's always getting on my case about skimming emails. Come on, I'm a hi…

Vintage tables with Chairish

I was contacted earlier this month by Chairish to see if I would be interested in showcasing how I would style a vintage coffee table with books and decor  on my blog.
I told her she at me at vintage and books.
Yes, please.

My home is a home with kids.  Therefore everything pretty is likely broken or inexpensive.  I will rarely splurge on a home decor item just because, well children.  Actually children and an overly playful cat.

Once in awhile I will pick out something when it screams at me, practically begging me to become a part of our home.  I checked out their unique coffee tables here first.  I think what I love most about this site is that every piece has a story and is so rare!

Finally, this French Country Style Carved Table and I would have such a discussion.  I love this table.
It is classy and the perfect combination of materials that wouldn't be too bothered by messy children or dirty socks.

Essentials for me on a coffee table are threefold:
A tray for drinks.  Check…

Food Goals 6: Blue Cheese Burgers

Disclaimer: I don't like blue cheese, unless it is in this burger, apparently.  Barefoot Contessa's Blue Cheese Burger is definitely a must try, especially with BBQ season just around the corner.  I think the next step to perfecting this is by actually making a homemade pretzel bun.  Or by enjoying it with a cold Corona. Deliciousness right there.

What do you think? Would you try this?

An InLinkz Link-up

Linking up with Living for Naptime, Hill Collection

Defining your signature look. Part 1

Last week I showed you my three go-to signature style outfits as a teacher while participating in Carrie, Casey and Whitney's Create28.  You can read my original post here, along with a not so pleasant comment left by a troll.
But I love the fact that my blogfriends immediately had my back.
#feeling loved.
I have never in my life been told that what I wear isn't appropriate or presentable, so that was a first and an entertaining one nonetheless.  Sure, I probably should have changed out of my tights that look like they're tall socks as I wouldn't wear those to school, but I didn't realize I had them on until after the photos and I was too lazy to take the pictures again.
Also, if you're going to leave a more critical comment on someone's blog, at least have the balls to back up your profile with your true identify.

Enough about that, let's move on.
So I spent last week talking about defining your own perso…


My goal for Lent was to focus on the betterment of me in four categories: the physical self, the intellectual self, the spiritual self and the mental self.  You can read about my own word goal for the year here .
This past week I have been doing focusing on my mental health which gave me a huge revelation: I need to get over feeling guilty about taking time for myself when I know I need it.

We went to Edmonton last week for a little family vacation and last minute, Dan had to fly to Winnipeg on the final day.  Which meant I had to do the last day with just the kids and the 5 hour drive home.  Thank goodness my kids are generally well behaved and easy to handle, but it is tiring to parent alone.  Especially in Ikea.
So why is it, that when Dan offers to take the kids for a couple hours when he got back home on the weekend that I felt selfish for the 3 hours of alone time, WHEN I HAD JUST PARENTED 3 DAYS ALONE.

My husband is a capable parent.  Why do I need to feel like I'm taking…

Food Goals 5: Day made with all the sandwiches

The Roasted Red Pepper, the Chicken Caesar Club & the Croque-Monsieur
1) The Roasted Red Pepper.  Cooking is made fun when my assistants are super cute.  This sandwich was just needed less stuff on the inside and less bread.  Never thought I'd say that.  We also subbed out goat cheese for a spreadable feta.  Très yummy.

Teacher Style

Thanks for coming back to see my 3 go-to teacher outfits that reflect my personal style.  You will, however, have to visit my lovely Texan friend, Carrie's blog to see how I styled them.  I'm participating in her Create28 and am honoured to be asked to show my teacher style.

So, what are you waiting for...get over there! (Click here)

Defining my style

Is it wrong to say that I wanted to go back to the classroom after my year at home with Lucia so I could wear pretty shoes?

What I wear in my job is a creative expression of who I am and I feel fortunate that I get to play dress up everyday for a group of my favourite teenage comrades.  Being a high school French teacher for the past 15 years,  I only now feel that I have my style figured out, which hasn't necessarily been easy to do.  I fell into the trap of wearing only what was trendy, cheap or what others' thought I should wear.  It wasn't until I figured out what works for my body, my job and my personality that I really became comfortable in my own skin.
Here are a couple pointers to help you figure out what your style is:
1- Observe, take notes and curate.  Whose style do you admire?  My style spirit animal is Jillian Harris; I want EVERYTHING she wears. What kind of looks are you pinning?  Here are my outfits to recreate board. Do you have friends' whose close…


This post probably should have been scheduled for last week, but February snuck right by me.  Next thing you know we will be basking in the golden rays of the summer sun.  But first, the end of winter, the coming of spring.
And Lent.

Lent for me is not about self-deprecation for 40 days only to forget about my sacrifices and eat everything chocolate on day 41. It is not about making myself miserable so that coincidentally, everyone around is miserable too.
My version of Lent is one of betterment, of planting a seed that will grow into something bountiful and love-giving.  In the past I have tried to take on goals like the year I worked out for 40 days straight.  I liked that one and I'm taking inspiration from 2012 for this year, which also goes well with my one word goal of health. A couple weeks ago, on the Blended Blog, I wrote about the importance of loving yourself first and I really meant it, so I decided that I would weave that into my Lenten goal. This year I am working o…

Food Goals 4: oy, that's a lot of soup.

All kinds of soups for you to sample today.  Reviews by the family are at the bottom
1) Provencal Vegetable: I stayed true to this recipe and it was awesome.

The Picture Perfect Project 1

Whitney - Work It Mommy // Stephanie - Wife Mommy Me//  Beth - Our Pretty Little Girls // Courtney - Sweet Turtle Soup //  Desiree - Macke Monologues // Elizabeth - Chasin Mason
I missed the ball on this link up last month, but I made myself some extra notes to not miss it in February.  My goal this month was to work on action shots.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from my new cam and one from my cell.

I wore this: the one with all the Canadian clothing

Second Yoga Jeans, my new favourite.  And they're a Canadian company, made in Canada
It's a new semester, which brings a new fashion goal for me.  During semester one I wore all my shoes once.  That was fun and also, as a side note...I haven't bought a pair of shoes since.  Maybe I'm on to something.  Being in front of teenagers makes me really think out my outfits each day and I don't like repeating what I wear, maybe that's also because I like being creative. goal for semester 2 is to be inspired more in my outfits and to post them more often.  I am following a couple different groups to gain some said inspiration.
Create 28 Prompts by my lovely little friend, Carrie:

1- Winter Floral.  The top is from Anthropologie from August.  Flowers in the winter make me happy.
Here are some of my fave Anthro winter floral prints right now.

2- My go-to Winter look: oversized sweater (from Simons, my favourite Canadian retailer, no longer available) and leggings …