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by - January 27, 2016

1) What we're eating: I'm super motivated to be working through my food goals (see posts here) and am a good two months ahead of what I'm posting on Fridays, so yay for being prepared.  It has been a lot of fun trying every single recipe in the cookbook, regardless the ingredients.  Dan's brothers were in town this past weekend for a wedding and happened to stay over- they sure picked a good night! We had Lamb Persillade, stuffed cabbage and Coeur à la crème with raspberries. Délicieux!

2) What I'm reminiscing about: babies. Not because I want one, but because the last baby in our family turned 1 this week and he's growing up way too quick!

3) What I'm loving: winter pastels, but not the fashion kind, the beauty of nature kind.  Especially now that it's getting darker later and we can actually witness a sunset of pastels during supper time.  It's quite the view.

4) What we've been up to: marking, marking, marking.  'Tis the season of finals and I just finished yesterday.  I had two finals: one was an exam in Christian Ethics 30 (taught in French) and the other was a final project for French 20 that incorporated journalism with a novel we read.  I'm sad to say goodbye to both groups.
 I thought it would be fun today to see if you could pass the basics for my Christian Ethics 30 final that my kids wrote last week.  This quiz below is obviously not my final and just from a random website, but I completed it and decided it was the best match.  And also it's the very basics, as in I would cry if the kids didn't get at least 90% on it.  For the record, I got 100%.

So, what did you get?  Come on, it's fun, please share in the comments.

5) What I'm dreading: Lucia's appt next week to get the results of her MRI.  Although I'm very confidant all is swell, there is still the 2% of fear and anxiety that can take over.

6) What I'm working on: My semester two courses: a repeat of the French 20 I just taught (yay, because I hadn't taught it since my first year teaching and had to prep everything from scratch) and French 90, which I've taught a couple times too.  I'm excited to try some new techniques in my classroom too, I'll be using some ideas from this post.

7) What I'm excited about: Booking a little family getaway to Edmonton for our break.  After feeling stressed for two months with the build up to the MRI and then the waiting for the results, I feel we need to get away and just play and be together.  Edmonton is a quick 4.5ish hour drive and there is so many great things there: friends, family, biggest mall ever, Simons, an ice castle, a great science centre, Simons, biggest mall ever with a water park and theme park.  Did I mention there's a Simons there?

8) What I'm watching or reading: Watching Parenthood on Shomi and reading Ten Rings: My Championship seasons, by Yogi Berra.  Which is making me antsy for some baseball.

9) What I'm listening to: Mostly this playlist on Spotify, which has a bunch of random songs but I love them the all. And also, I learned that the song I loved the most was Justin Beiber. What the heck?!

10) What I'm wearing: I showed you my 2014 throwback post on Monday with an outfit and this is my current recreation of it, makeup-less, oops, but yay for sweating it off at the gym!

11) What I'm doing this weekend: I have a day-date booked with my sister, a family supper date booked with friends and I'll likely get my Valentine's decor up.  I may or may not do school work.

12) What I'm looking forward to next month: I like a short month: start of a new semester, new faces and then a good week off in the middle!

13) What else is new: nada.

14) What's your favourite Valentine's Day treat: chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

Come back on Friday for a classic meal and Monday for the monthly review in numbers link up!

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  1. OMG - we are both beiber lovers. I got 55/100 on the test but pure luck. I only knew the christian answers. My bad.

  2. Living on Cloud Nine28 January, 2018 22:17

    Yay for chocolate!!! Yay for your adorable Fam, look at those faces, look at that guy with the bow tie and hat, oh my soooooo handsome!! These are such fun posts! Too funny, here I am an ole mama loving the Biebs too, really is his best music yet lately!!

  3. Parenthood!! Beiber!! You are my soul mate I think. For reals though, what season of Parenthood are you on, cause it's up there on my top 10 list of shows. So good. I also requested "I'm Sorry" at a wedding Saturday and danced a little routine to it by myself (after 2 bottles of wine). my kids were mortified. It was fantastic. I love this post, and also thanks for the reminder about the monthly review in numbers:)

  4. Great post. I love lists. I also love Beiber. Shhhhh. PLEASE don't tell anyone as I can barely admit it to myself. I got 82%, but for the record it was partly because I am pretty good at reasoning multiple choice and there were a couple good guesses. Also nice to know if you are right or wrong as you go! I would say honestly I know about 25% about world religions. I need to audit your class.

  5. her appointment will be fantastic, I just know it!! I hope that comes and goes super fast because I can't imagine the anxiety.
    What I wouldn't give for a HUGE chunk of chocolate.
    lol the Beibs! love it
    and you look fantastic!!! loving the burgundy!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  6. I am excited for February and Valentine's Day, too. I pray everything is okay Lucia - I am sure it will be. I love that picture of the church and the colors. I am going to listen to your playlist now - I need some new songs to add to my Spotify list.

  7. Haha, I"m always so disappointed in myself when when I'm rocking out to a tune and then realize it's Justin Beiber or some other person I really don't want to like but do, haha. I'm sure Lucia's appointment will be great, you can have that big sigh of relief and then have a fun vacation!

  8. Yikes, I only got 64%. Looks like I need to come take your class :)! There's a new song I love - and Thomas told me it's Justin B - wonder if it's the same one? Lucia's appointment will be great!!!

  9. Lucia's MRI results are going to be music to your years.

  10. 64% on the quiz. Thank goodness for the few givens on Christianity or I would have totally tanked.

  11. I loved the World Religion quiz even though I am not very religious at all. I got 73% and mostly because I seem to know a lot of Muslim people so I've learned from them. I do hope you get great news from the MRI. My little girl just had her first one and thankfully it was all positive news once we got the results back. I will keep you and your little girls in my thoughts. Best of luck.

  12. I couldn't get the quiz to work so I'll have to try again later. Not sure how good I'll do though, some of them looked hard! Sending positive vibes that Luca's MRI results will be good news! Have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  13. Aw, thanks. I think my fam is pretty cute too, but I'm biased. Also glad to hear that there are more 'mature' Biebs fans too!

  14. I'm less embarrassed now that I see there are more Bieber fans.

  15. Burgundy is very you! Send me good vibes next week in the form of red wine.

  16. It's the best class to teach! I am making a Justin Bieber poster for you.

  17. If I could I would buy specialty furniture in pinks and reds for the festivities.

  18. I agree...we are meant to be friends. I am loving Parenthood and I spend most of the episodes crying and laughing. Is that normal?

  19. My fave of his song is the Love Yourself one. Très catchy.

  20. Glad to find another spotify user! Watch out for the Biebs!

  21. Exactly why we booked it! Sometimes taking a step out of our life is necessary.

  22. Amen. Also- just got your thoughtful card in the mail today, you are an angel in disguise as a fashiony librarian.

  23. Well done, Bo! I'm sorry to hear that your doll had to have an MRI and know what you must have gone through. Big hugs.

  24. I missed one which gave me a 91%. I'll have to review my Classical Conversations history sentences!

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