A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

On being honoured.

This past weekend our former ball team was honoured with an award for our many years of awesome.   Our team won 9 consecutive provincial titles at the Ladies' Fastball Level and I'm pretty sure if we would have stayed together that we would have kept on winning.  It was a very talented and diverse group of ladies and it was great to have a chance to reconnect in real life.

The thing is,  after high school, I probably didn't have to drive to another town to play ball. But I did. And when I moved further away, it would have been understandable to not continue with the drive to play.
Ha, both literally and metaphorically.  But I did.
I spent many summer nights, driving out of the city a 3 hour round trip, 2-3 times a week, accompanied by some great friends, to a small town in Saskatchewan.

But I wasn't just driving to any small town, you see, I was driving to a place where my Dad grew up playing.  The diamonds to me were as much part of my history as they were to the local players. Shellbrook is the town that my father grew up in and it was always an honour to play on the hometown field with my Grams' and Grandpa Park as my #1 fans.  So in a way, the countless (10+) years driving to play ball was partly because of my love for the game, but also because I felt it was a way to honour the life our Grandparents built for us.

While sometimes annoying, the drive was always my favourite part.  There was always at least 2 of us going, sometimes as many as 5.  During those trips we planned our lives, solved our problems and ranted when necessary.  But mostly, the years of driving built strong friendships.

So, just like the days of yesteryear, Jordan, Heidi, Kerri, Chantelle and I piled into Heidi's minivan and en route to Shellbrook for the banquet, we had a chance to just talk and be.
It was like no time had past.
It felt like home.

It's crazy how much an effect people can have on your life and these ladies definitely have helped shape me into the person I am now.  I am forever grateful for my time as a Ganza and I know how special a team we had.  I would hope one day my kids could experience the leadership, competition and friendship that I was fortunate enough to live with these girls.

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And for Mom and Dad's viewing pleasure, because they couldn't make it to the event, tough life on the beaches of Hawaii...here's the intro of our team.

ganza intro from Dee on Vimeo.