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Food Goals: Sunday Rib Roast

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Sundays are the days of a warm home filled with the aroma of a delicious meal baking all afternoon. There's something about that that makes me more productive and at the same time, reminds me of being young and goofing off on weekends.  All because my mom made a killer roast and yorkshire pudding.
Today's recipes come from:
Sunday Rib Roast from Barefoot Contessa Family Style here....I strayed from the two books I have been exclusively using because I was really craving a roast.
Yorkshire pudding here (because my mom told me I had to) I rarely use random facebook recipes, but it was worth it!
Brussel Sprouts Lardon here from Barefoot Contessa in Paris.

This meal always rates in the 4s for us, it is a classic go-to that gets gobbled up in seconds, no complaints, even the muscle sprouts.  I loved this meal as a child and I'm glad my family loves it as much.  
What kinds of meals did you enjoy as a kid that you're trying to enjoy with your family? 

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