A bucket list revisited

by - January 06, 2016

A couple weeks ago I did a nostalgic post that was a kinda bucket list that I wanted to accomplish. You can read the original post here and see what I had updated at that point.   Obviously a lot has changed since 2013 (the update) and 2012 (the original), so I thought it would be interesting to see where that so called bucket list would stand today.

Here are my unaccomplished from the old posts with updates in italics with what 2016 Deena thinks of those wishes.

Learn to play another instrument. Guitar? Flute? Cello? Still want to do this, especially if I can do it at the same time as my kids.  Willis is doing really well in piano and Luci will start in the fall.  I would hope a couple of years after that I can push them to learn

Change careers at least once. I think I kinda did that with taking a break (one year, big deal) from the classroom and starting with cyber.  And because of that change  and breathe of fresh air it has given me, I have less of a desire to change careers.  For now, anyway.

Work in a greenhouse. Yup, I still want to do this, however since we've moved out to an acreage, I now hope that that greenhouse is on our property and I can just sit in a ray of sunshine and smell the flowers and dirt.  I may also add: become a cat to this list.

Donate something substantial.  hmmmmm not really.  Will work on what this one means.

Build and design my own house. DONE!  Although I see some design flaws already and have started dreaming of an extension.

Have a pool. A real one. DONE!  It isn't inground but it will seem in ground once we get the deck put on it!

Play Masters level fastball. I am now the age of eligibility although I think my body is going to crap out on me before I can do this.  I played ball last summer but couldn't throw over hand because of my rotator cuff. I doubt I'll even play this year.  Le sigh.  But bonus is that our former team has been inducted into the Shellbrook Hall of Fame for our years of awesomeness (10 year consecutive provincial titles)  I may replace playing masters by being inducted into a sports hall of fame.

Master a culinary dish from 10 different cultures. Throw a dinner party.  I throw dinner parties all the time, but kinda forgot about this goal.  As one of my sister's professional goals as a dietician, she did a blog about all the foods of the world that she tried, so I lived this one through her.  While she has apparently deleted that blog, you can still find some remnants of those posts under the food heading in my title here.  I will still hang on to this goal.

Visit each continent, except for the cold, impossible one.   I have yet to make progress on this.  No desire for crazy worldwide travel right now.

Memorize a poem.  Why would I want to do this?

Sell a painting to a stranger. I don't paint anymore :(  These two are my favourite..the first is one I did of Grandpa Park and I and the second hangs in our basement.

Take six months off of life and travel with my family, home schooling my children. I still want to do this but not for awhile, like 8 years from now when the kids are older and can appreciate it.

Perform on stage. This could be singing, dancing......who knows.  The heck? I have no desire to do this anymore. I do, however, have the desire to direct a musical again and then star in the teacher version with my singing teacher friends. Cause I have those, for reals.

Remarry my husband with our children as witnesses.  Yup, still on my to do.  But not for a long time.

Have the same bff when I'm 50.  Still working on that one. Christy is a tough chic to get rid off.

Visit Bethlehem.  Not on the top of my list anymore.  I'd rather go back to Scotland but with my entire family.

Visit St. Lucia, the island. With my little Lucia.  Of course I still want to do this.  Look how cute she was in 2012!!!!

Let's not leave 2012 Willis out, now.

So, in conclusion, much has changed in 3 years.  I still have dreams and goals but as you can see I tend to completely forget that they exist.  I'm not good at long term planning. That's why I'm confidant that this year's plan will work for me.  You'll have to come back on Friday to hear it though. Suckers.
Happy Wednesday,

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  1. I am a tough chic to get rid of. I guess you are stuck with me.

  2. you look awesome btw and who knew you were a little artist?!
    you forgot to add "go to Vegas with my bloggy bestie, Shaunacey" and CHECK!!!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  3. Those paintings are nice. You should do an etsy listing!
    Also. Ok I went through a phase I wanted to learn to play piano. Um fail. It's so tedious!! 15 min lessons where you do the same scales over and over. And my teacher would fuss that I didn't practice enough, but I swear I did. Finally, I was like eff this. Vocal lessons were enough for me. That's the only instrument I guess I have. Lol

  4. Memorize a poem! I giggled at that one.

  5. Living on Cloud Nine28 January, 2018 22:13

    Long-term planning is so hard when you have kids and all the curves that life throws you! Your goals and dreams are so wonderful and if you make some happen and if you don't, that's OK too! You look adorable also by the way!!

  6. You're just awesome. Looking forward to this year's plan!

  7. ya for Vegas! I like to dabble in art. I will paint you something someday. When the Jays win the World Series

  8. I agree..sometimes I wonder why I bother with long term plans at all when they're always changing.

  9. Voice, hey! So many mysteries I'm uncovering about you! I forgot to post a Loubies update on this one...hubby got me a pair for our 10 year anniversary last year. I'll try to find ya a picture.

  10. So cool to revisit and explore the growth and change over the years. I think that's one of my goals in blogging. St. Lucia? Count me in!

  11. I think short term goals and planning are easier to achieve. I would forget about my long term plans too! You are so talented - singing, art, fastball! Both of those paintings are amazing! Loved reading this post!

    Doused In Pink

  12. So cool that you made such long term goals, not just what I want to do this year. LOL at the poem comment.Yes to traveling for 6 months with the kids. Right now I'm sticking with want to go somewhere during the summer and live there for the summer, I would be an awful teacher to my children! I might not like them at the end of 6 months if I had to teach them, haha. How about we follow you along, and you can teach mine too :) Can't wait for tomorrow's post.

  13. Clever way to revisit and revise.

  14. That's one of the really good things about blogging too...it gives us a forum to revisit our goals quite easily!

  15. I don't know why I bother making long term goals...they will likely change too. Oy.

  16. It's interesting to see what we were into or what motivated us. Like a snapshot of our brain! ~ Sheila


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