A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

The Willis and Lucia I love

It seems I haven't done a proper update on the kids.  I'll try to cover as much ground as possible in as little words as possible. 

On parent teacher interviews

Willis' didn't surprise me: done his work early (like his mom) does extra work (like his dad) competitive, excelling in math and reading and writing. A model student. He is hard on himself.   It was tough to make goals- so we went with working on creativity and not giving up when frustrated and pushing himself in math.  The kid is already working on fractions and I should probably be listening to what Dan is teaching him.

For Lucia's I didn't know what to expect. I was guessing I would hear about my moody, angry girl who gets goofy and is shy. From Lucia's (tall) takes I would have guessed she doesn't have many friends at school. But no. Instead we (proudly) heard that she is held in high regard by her classmates and everyone wants to be paired with her. She is well liked and treats everybody respectfully and lovingly. Well, then.  The report is that she is a well balanced girl who can be goofy but knows when to stop and who loves her cousin dearly and fights with her like she's a sister.

On current conversations in this house

For Willis there has been lots of talk about university and degrees. He is very curious with what his family has done for schooling and still, at this point, wants to be an inventor.  Mom, is Kyla a vegetarian? (Meant dietician.)

Lucia is still in that cute vocab mode where she mispronounces most words and has funny sayings but at the same time can be very profound, but always adorable:
Mom, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to stay home and be a vet-tarian.
Want some of my kipkap? 

On my random notes of things they say in my phone.  No context for these (or explanation) You can guess who said it.
That's my penis' fault- he should be in time out...actually this one should have some context..you see, at night Willis sleep walks to the bathroom and usually pees everywhere except the toilet.  On a day when I was fed up with cleaning floors, I brought this to his attention and well, that was his response.
Why do we have to go to heaven in this world. Can I bring my blanket? I'm going to try.

My Lucia dictionary

1.  Attackle: when I brought cookies, Payton and Eva loved them so much they attackled me and were hugging me.
2. Princesspal: you know, someone in my class almost went to the princesspal.
3. Bliblio: a version of the library in french- bibliothèque (biblio)

Well, there you go.  These are the babies I love so much.