Christmas Gift Guide

Our home for the holidays.

Welcome if you're joining from the Blog Loop on our Christmas Home Tour.  I finally got my home decorated in time for this.  Why is it that it feels like it takes more and more time to do every year?
You can see how I've decorated my home in the past....but just for the record, like all the other decor in my house, it changes every year.
You can check out what our previous decor looked like here:
And all the rest. Kinda.

This year our big change was the colour scheme on the Christmas Tree.  We got an area rug for the great room and I just didn't like how the green and red I was doing previously looked with it. So this year I went with creams, gold and browns.  And I love it!

A couple tidbits: Dan and I were married on Dec. 27th, 2004 and every year since 2004 we've collected a Christmas village and man, has it grown to almost too much for one table. Picking out the village piece is one of our favourite Christmas traditions.

There are moments when I wish we wouldn't have designed the main floor of this house as a great room.  Christmas is one of those moments. I miss having cozy, smaller spaces.  Nonetheless, this is the view when you first walk in to our home.

The jelly bean bowl is always a popular attraction for the young and old. 

I took pictures in the middle of a playdate, while the house was messy. That's for you, Shaunacey.

I don't know why I even took this picture.  I clearly haven't decorated the kitchen. But there's Christmas treats, so yum. 

 So that's basically our main floor.  I change up all the art and pictures in the house with something Christmassy and then after Christmas I go down to a very crisp, clean and wintery feel around the house.

Heading downstairs

Down the hallway to the bedrooms. This is my favourite part of the decor.  I have the kids school pictures lining the top and then I rotate out their art (I keep a bin in the furnace room for easy access).  That way I have seasonal decor done by the kids and also a few pieces that I found of Dan's from grade 8. Muahahahah.

I should update and add this last picture.  Since taking the pictures on Saturday, Dan and Willis went out and got me a real tree for the basement.  It's still thawing, but we'll take some time and decorate it this week.

My favourite time in the house is at night when all the lights go on. They are all on timers, including the candles.

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