November in Numbers

by - December 07, 2015

Welcome to our monthly review, done in numbers or whatever novel way you can use to look back at your previous month.  You can see the previous link ups here

November has come and gone and I feel like I spent most of it sick.  If I would have counted the days I felt under the weather, I'm sure my total would have been 62.  What I did count, however, was the days I spent with little to no voice, sounding like either a 90 year old Granny or a pre-pubescent boy. My students had good laughs on my behalf, which is all good cause I kinda like them.  Anyway, I spent 10 days of November without a voice and we're still going.  I should have picked a different profession. Like train conducteur.

While we're talking about my health, I spent 0 days at the gym. Sad.  I started the month off great, doing the 21 day fix, and I made it into the last week then the germs hit.  Just this week I have started to get back on the treadmill, walking for 20 minutes.   I'm scared to look at my Fitbit average to see how much I've fallen in the ranks.

I feel I should add in that I got up for 1 morning workout and it felt great.

With the 21 day fix and lack of appetite, I did lose 4 lbs this month.  We'll see how that carries over to December, the month of the nanaimo bar conundrum.  I'm 5 pounds away from my goal for the end of January.

12 different pairs of shoes worn teaching and then I realized that I forgot to take a picture of one pair. So I'll save that for December. So really 13.  I am now done my rotation of shoes that started the first day teaching.  

I spent a lot of couch time with Lucia this month, so I was able to up my reading. I finished off the last 3 Jen Lancaster books that I had at home. Thanks for the borrows, Jana. I have them at school, but keep forgetting to bring them to you.

I don't think I read them in this order but I enjoyed Such a Pretty Fat and My Fair Lazy.  Pretty in Plaid was kinda uneventful and I mostly fastforwarded through it.

147 episodes since summer watched of Gilmore Girls. I finished the series finale last week and bawled.  Can't wait for the Netflix special.  I have since moved on to Jane the Virgin on Shomi.

644.68$ spent on groceries. Except I know I missed one bill that was somewhere in the 70$s.  This is much better than the 900$ish we were averaging when I was counting our spending.  I should also look into how much we spend on restaurants. We've taken up the habit of ordering in on Friday nights.....

6 hours prepping report cards.

3 toblerones snitched from the snack cupboard. Really, I should just eliminate the snack cupboard. Or I could just start putting broccoli in it.

1 Google Hangout with blog friends. This needs to happen monthly as it's a great blogstorming session, but also we do funny things like show off our animals and kids and husbands and give tours of our homes but mostly we laugh.

16 posts done, 5 of them were sponsored, so I made almost 100$ this month on the blog this month.

2720 pageviews which is up from last month, but not where it has been in the past.  46% of the traffic comes from Canada (Sask #1, Alberta #2 for numbers of visitors), 29% from the States (Texas #1, Cali #2)  6% from Russia. (WHAAT? Cool) ... looking at this really makes me want to learn how to read Google Analytics.  So many neat things you can find out, like for example, 66% of my referrals come from my friend, Jordan's page.

5 pics of the beautiful colours being painted in the sky.  I love this time of year.  When we leave for the city around 8 am, the sun is just coming up and I get to witness the shades of the morning in all its glory. Then there's the sunsets lately. The land of the living skies is where I belong.

2 successful parent teacher interviews.  More on that later this week

1 massive 11 foot tall tree decorated.  Decorating is a process that takes me a couple weekends...I usually start near the end of November.  The house is now festooned with awesome.

 1 lovely drive through the Enchanted Forest.  The kids loved it.  I need to really put more effort into doing special family things this Christmas.  I forgot how much they get wrapped up in the awe.  They were thrilled to see our elf, TicTacToe, come back and spend every morning talking to him.  I love that Willis still believes at 8 years old.

2 white knuckle drives into the city because of this fluffy, beautiful stuff. Which has now almost all melted. Sigh.  Please let there be snow for Christmas. 

So friends, what do you have to show me for your month?

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  1. That tree though. AMAZING. Can you just incorporate your shoes into every post? Mkay, thanks. So funny on the fitness front. I was ON FIRE in November and now December is feeling like a total bust... maybe due to MY nanaimo problem. We should start a support group... or a nanaimo bar and wine club.

  2. Your tree is beautiful! And your shoe collection is so fun! I may have to link up with this next month!

  3. Toblerones. Omg I love them!
    Your freaking pretty. It's like magazine quality.

  4. Oh my gosh your tree! So pretty! It's real? Seems like such a task to get such a big tree in your house...I wish I could have joined the Google hangout! I was online then, but only on my phone and I didn't know how to do it from my phone...darn! Glad you are getting better.

  5. Also, I need to get into some good books. My reading this last 2 months has been not happening. So. Tired.

  6. I swear i commented earlier, but then it is me we're talking about. That tree!!!! Good for you for 21-Day fixing even though you were sick. I started again today and almost died.

  7. Can't wait to chat with you today about books and teaching and blogging and kiddos and winter fun!

  8. I'm obsessed with your tree... and your shoe collection!

    I totally forgot about our google hangout!!! LOVED it!! It was so fun seeing everyone and hearing them in real-time! We need another google date soon :)

    Hope you're on the mend.

    Also, google analytics hurts my head

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  9. We definitely need to make it a monthly date! I think I'm going to learn me some google analytics over the break. Will text you my knowledge. Or lack of.

  10. I could eat Toblerones all day, every day. And nanaimo bars.

  11. Please do! We'd love to have you. The next link up will be on Jan 4th. I keep a post it beside my computer to jot down random things and then look back at my cell phone for reminders. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Good for you trying to did the lungs handle that? I feel like mine are still not ready for anything strenuous. That may also be an excuse.

  13. Nope, not real. Which reminds me, I want to get a cute little real one for the basement. I miss that fresh pine smell.

  14. Glad you are feeling better! I love your tall tree. We need to do another google hang-out - I would love to join you guys!

    Daily Style Finds

  15. That's a great idea to keep a running list! Can't wait until next month!

  16. Seems everyone I know and "know" has struggled with feeling bad lately. Hope you are on the mend. Love the shoe pics. My fav pair is the top right one, with the tights and ankle straps. Edgy retro. Jealous of your snow. We are still having 70 degree afternoons. Beautiful tree and decorations.


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