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by - December 16, 2015

Do you ever buy a cookbook then only use a recipe?
I have a Rachael Ray cookbook that's gathering dust and I haven't even gotten as far as trying one recipe.  I find she uses weird ingredients.

My favourite cookbooks to collect are Barefoot Contessa.  I have loved the majority of her recipes and find it's my go-to...but still, I haven't even gotten close to trying all the recipes.  Enter my goal for this winter.

In the past, I have given myself culinary goals, such as the year I only baked bread or the year that I tried a new recipe once a week.
Well, this year, my friends, will be the year I make every. single. recipe. no. excuses. in. a. cookbook...even if it's duck.

So, I decided to rotate between two of her cookbooks until I move onto the next.  Here is the first recipe I attempted.

From Barefoot Contessa's: Make it Ahead

We decided to rate this on a scale of 4 because Willis is used to that scale from school and because I get a lot of 4s, Mom.  So I can.

Willis first requested just the ice cream with the caramel sauce, because, who wouldn't.   He then saw what Dan and I were having and wanted to try the cake too.  When I asked what grade he would give it, he said a 3. And then took another bite and decided it merited a 3+ instead.
Dan gave it a 3 for being a tasty treat that he wouldn't necessarily request again and I agreed with him on that.

As for the cooking of it, I should have cubed the apples more than I did.  The recipe asked for 3-4 apples and I peeled and cored 5 Granny Smiths.  They needed to be cut into smaller, thumbnail chunks as opposed to the Toonie sized morsels that I made.  For my American friends, a Toonie is money up here.  Good ol' Canadian funny money.

Sunday is my day to try a different kind of dessert and this was a nice change from the likely very chocolate or pie-like treat I would pick.  I will have to cut it into smaller chunks and freeze it as it was also way too big for 3 of us to finish.

And that's that. Stay tuned for more of my cooking adventures!

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  1. Ina Garten is our favorite too, and we have several of her cookbooks. But I can't remember if I've actually made anything from them. I love this idea and can't wait to see what you make. Your dessert looks yummy, and 3+ is a very respectable score!

  2. Umm. Yum. Do you need a test eater?

  3. Oh my gosh how cool is this adventure going to be?! That looks delicious too. So you going to just try one recipe a week, or what is the time frame? or just you want to finish at some point in the future? Fun!


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