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by - December 30, 2015

I had wanted to revisit my bucket list, but I ran out of time.  Holidays call....such a hard life.
So instead, why not hop over to the Blended Blog where some of us wrapped up our favourite posts from the month.  Also- if you're interested, Monday, Jan 4th will be December in numbers link up.

Anyway, about today's post.. hubby had a funny conversation with Willis the other night and well, his cuteness rules above all.  (Dan's not Willis') (Wait, that's the wrong way).
This is something I want to remember.

A little background first  My husband and his brothers work for Skipthedishes which is also a company they (mostly Josh and Chris) created.  You can read about their recent awesomeness here.  Willis likes to say he works for them because once when they were just starting out and Josh lived at our place and ran the company out of our basement, Willis delivered flyers for him.  He also made a commercial for Josh's entertainment.

Skip 2 from Dee on Vimeo.

Anyway, Willis had a great time catching up with both Josh and Chris over the holidays and well, this conversation ensued......

From Dan:

As I was putting Willis to bed tonight, he asks me...

W: Dad.  When should I come to the office?  Josh said I could work full time for Skip.  Maybe I can do some of the work from home?

So I hand Willis my phone so he can call Josh himself while I fix one of his broken (already) Christmas gifts.  I get back to his room just as he's hanging up the phone.  Willis was all pumped up, so these mostly came rapid fire and I can't even recall the order he said them, but some of the lines I recall...

W: Josh told me all about what you, Chris, Josh and Jeff do.  He says Chris makes it, you build it, and Josh and Jeff do the restaurants and stuff.

W: I'm going to get paid in pizza!

W: In 2 or 3 years I get to make a trip to Winnipeg so that I can make a couple phone calls and work with all the teams.

W: I get to be your boss on Sundays.  And I can be Chris' boss about once a month I think.

And he finishes it all off with:

W: Whew.  That was a long interview!


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  1. I think that commercial should go public - it's perfect. I love that you get these conversations written down - you think you won't forget them, but it happens!

  2. Mmm. Pizza. That was awesome.

  3. Getting paid in pizza sounds pretty good to me...

  4. Paid in pizza-- I like! That conversation is one for the books.

  5. lol what a cute little guy! already a little businessman!
    when is Skip the dishes coming here?! seriously, get on it! ;)
    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  6. I definitely should be writing more down..but there would be so many about penises.

  7. I would work for pizza. And beer. And wine. And shoes.

  8. Willis is a heart stealing...he's stealing mine!

  9. Thank-you so much for sharing that conversation, Dan! That is awesome.


Have a lovely day!