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Blogger gift exchange

Welcome to the Bloggers' Gift Exchange.  A few of the ladies in the Blended Blog group decided to send some presents around.  Last year we did regional gifts (here), this year we went without a theme.  I received a package from the other side, kinda, of Canada from my Friday night every night Text and Wine friend, Shaunacey.  So let's not waste any more time....let's see what I got!

A fragile box arrived in the mail.....brave lady sending breakables...luckily Canada Post treated the package with care and nothing arrived in pieces.  Funny, I remember Shaunacey joking about this during our Google Hangout.  Because everyone wants the gift of broken glass.

Inside the package was as great smelling candle, a couple journals for blogstorming, a beautiful mug, which she has an english version of and a handy little bottle of Baileys.  She knows me well.

Here's the picture I texted her with my crazy eyes.  No Baileys even in that cup yet. 

Thanks for the beautiful gifts, Shaunacey! Cheers!

 Hop on over to Leslie's to see what I sent her.

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