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Welcome if you're coming over from The Blended Blog for our Blog Hop!  We're sharing our gift guides and I thought I'd share some unconventional ideas inspired by things that I love! I'm also teaming up with one of my favourite Canadian bloggers, Sarita from Its My Girls' World who is sharing some great gifts for kids. Also check out another great Canadian blogger's gift guide, my friend Abbie at Grumbling Grace.  Sarita is up first!


Kids these days get lots… and lots… and lots…. I however, prefer to buy those toys that teach. Toys that encourage creativity, STEM learning (Science, Tech, Engineering & Math), social interaction and motor skills…. Yeah, I could buy my kids Shopkins (and I have) but here are just a few of my favourite teaching toys! And I love that they are unisex too. 

One of my favourites, you know I like you if I get your kid magnaformers…. It's an investment piece but my kids play with them again… again…. and again. It's the first toy kids (of many ages) pull out when they come over too. This toy encourages creativity and stimulation second to none. 

I bought this for my nephew this year but the ratings are just as good so we're hoping they will be as popular as the magnaformers with our crew! 

Yet another popular one in our house. It's a better price point than the magnetic toys though but once again. Another one encouraging creativity and  igniting imagination. Even the bigger kids get into this one. 

I can't speak to this one just yet as I've bought it for my three year old but it's supposed to be a wonderful intro to STEM learning for the little ones! The reviews are fantastic and it's not a bad price point. 

We got Cassia a play kitchen when she was two and it's one of the most popular toys in our repetoire. Especially when kids come over! The social interaction is great and the conversations are hilarious. My friend Jenn got them this set of 'real' appliances last year and it's the most  fought over sought over toy around.

So there you have it! Just a few of the favourites in this house!
PS. Books and board games are always in demand around here too. 
What are your favourite teaching toys for your little ones?

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And here are my favourite gifts that are possibly the most random assortment of awesome, if you ask me.

Canon 70D
For the artsy person, who needs a new camera and video camera and who loves taking pictures and documenting her life.  I may be targeting myself with this one but I WANT!

Carnivore Club
Dan got this one last year from his sister and brother in law. It was the neatest thing and I would definitely do this one again.

Wine of the Month
This would be a perfect gift for a busy mom. Or any human.

Okay, while we're on the topic of fun clubs, I found this site while trying to find a cheese club that would ship to Canada.  Turns out there's a club for everything! Talk about the gift that keeps giving!  Check out amazingclubs.ca if you're a Canuck in the same predicament as me. JORDAN THERE IS A BREAKFAST CLUB!!!! BACON!

I think this may win for weirdest gift guide, but hey....who wouldn't be happy with any of these items?!

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