Christmas Gift Guide

A Christmas in PA

We had an early Christmas this year with my family as brother has to work on Christmas Day.  So we gathered our things and headed home for a weekend filled with family, great food and lots of cuddles. I tried to pick a minimal amount of pictures that would really show what we did this weekend.  So here it goes:

1- Nap time for young and old.

2- Visits with family.  We used to be with the Donohues every Christmas but as family have grown we now only see them every other year.  It was great to catch up, especially with the Nova Scotians!

3- Food.  Mom KILLED the meals this year.  The turkey was perfect, the meatballs were awesome, even the tortière was on good.  Sunday night she made roast beef and popovers and it was also divine. I'm still full.

4- Desserts. Man, there was something of everything and I think I tried a little bit of it all.  

5- Family time.  Lots of games and stories and cuddles.  The highlight was probably brother's Oculus . I almost fell off the bed surfing.


6- And of course our annual Family Christmas photos.  They are becoming less formal each year.  I actually wasn't going to do them because my camera broke, but husband surprised me Saturday morning with the Canon DS70 that I was wanting!  YAYA!