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Year in Review

Every year I take some time to review the going-ons of our world for the year before we celebrate the coming of the next with great fanfare.  This evening will be spent with the best of our friends, friends who are our family, celebrating the many blessings this year has given us and the many more that I'm sure 2016 will hold.

Here are some of our favourite events, in the video form, of 2015.

2015 Year in Review from Dee on Vimeo.

December things

I had wanted to revisit my bucket list, but I ran out of time.  Holidays call....such a hard life.
So instead, why not hop over to the Blended Blog where some of us wrapped up our favourite posts from the month.  Also- if you're interested, Monday, Jan 4th will be December in numbers link up.

Anyway, about today's post.. hubby had a funny conversation with Willis the other night and well, his cuteness rules above all.  (Dan's not Willis') (Wait, that's the wrong way).
This is something I want to remember.

A little background first  My husband and his brothers work for Skipthedishes which is also a company they (mostly Josh and Chris) created.  You can read about their recent awesomeness here.  Willis likes to say he works for them because once when they were just starting out and Josh lived at our place and ran the company out of our basement, Willis delivered flyers for him.  He also made a commercial for Josh's entertainment.

Skip 2 from Dee on Vimeo.

My favourite Christmas memory

My favourite Christmas memory, hey? You'll have to head over the Blended Blog to see what I'm yacking about today.
For the record, here are some of my favourite Christmas memories from this year:

The weather:

The thoughtful gifts:

 a handmade bench that transforms into a picnic table by my dad

 a new camera slash videocamera from hubby!

 The cozy decor

 and mostly, the people:

Nostalgic Series 4

I'm throwing you back today to a post I did on January 23rd of 2012. You can read the original post here but for ease of life, I've included the exact same thing here.  The only thing you're missing are the comments.   I thought it was interesting because I'd love to update this list with things I have done since creating it....hmmmm...come back Wednesday, me thinks I have a post up my sleeve.

January 23, 2012.
A year ago I made a bucket list with my brother and sister. 
Although I was hesitant to jump on board the creation of a list (I love change and found it hard to create a list that I had to stick to) (I do realize that I don't have to stick to anything, but then what's the point of making a list if you aren't going to make an effort to achieve it) I still made a meaningful effort.
Anyway, recently while watching the Bachelor, I was introduced to a new concept - a leap list- which makes way more sense to me: choose a milestone that's appr…

Merry Christmas

I ran out of Christmas cards this year, so if you didn't get one...tadaaaaaaaa!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderfully blessed time with your loved ones.

On rituals and celebrating

Forgive me if I sound whiney today, but that's where I'm at and I'm not going to be all fa-la-la-la-la when I'm feeling blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.  If you are looking for a more uppity post, then head over to the Blended Blog where I've put together a list of bloggers' favourites.

But for this space, you're getting 100% me, unfiltered and in the moment.  Wait. This is so very filtered.  You can imagine this post sprinkled with f bombs. That's 100% me.

Christmas is way more fun for kids.  I have such awesome memories growing up of everything Christmas, but that's because I didn't have to adult.  My grandmas did it all.  I'm sure my mom and aunts helped out, but really, I had two phenomenal grandmothers who were the Queens of Christmas.
I need to channel my inner Irene and Betty to get out of this slump, but man, do I ever miss being a kid at Christmas.

You see, I am now the maker of memories for my little monkeys and it can be a daunting tas…

Blogger gift exchange

Welcome to the Bloggers' Gift Exchange.  A few of the ladies in the Blended Blog group decided to send some presents around.  Last year we did regional gifts (here), this year we went without a theme.  I received a package from the other side, kinda, of Canada from my Friday night every night Text and Wine friend, Shaunacey.  So let's not waste any more time....let's see what I got!

A fragile box arrived in the mail.....brave lady sending breakables...luckily Canada Post treated the package with care and nothing arrived in pieces.  Funny, I remember Shaunacey joking about this during our Google Hangout.  Because everyone wants the gift of broken glass.

Inside the package was as great smelling candle, a couple journals for blogstorming, a beautiful mug, which she has an english version of and a handy little bottle of Baileys.  She knows me well.

Here's the picture I texted her with my crazy eyes.  No Baileys even in that cup yet. 
Thanks for the beautiful gifts, Shauna…

A Christmas in PA

We had an early Christmas this year with my family as brother has to work on Christmas Day.  So we gathered our things and headed home for a weekend filled with family, great food and lots of cuddles. I tried to pick a minimal amount of pictures that would really show what we did this weekend.  So here it goes:
1- Nap time for young and old.
2- Visits with family.  We used to be with the Donohues every Christmas but as family have grown we now only see them every other year.  It was great to catch up, especially with the Nova Scotians!

3- Food.  Mom KILLED the meals this year.  The turkey was perfect, the meatballs were awesome, even the tortière was on good.  Sunday night she made roast beef and popovers and it was also divine. I'm still full.

4- Desserts. Man, there was something of everything and I think I tried a little bit of it all.  

5- Family time.  Lots of games and stories and cuddles.  The highlight was probably brother's Oculus . I almost fell off the bed surfing.

Stream of consciousness

I admit it. I'm feeling disengaged.  Well maybe not disengaged because I'm not too sure that's the right word. Going to look it up.....

Yup, nope. Wrong context because I didn't do this on purpose.  Rather, let's say I'm feeling passive. But kinda an quai-active passive...which doesn't really exist.  More like I'm just floating through the days doing things but not really doing them?

Whatever. You get my drift. Maybe. I'm not even sure I get my own drift. ummmmmmm snow drift. It's too bad they don't sell that delight in the winter.  Slush and ice cream.  Best invention ever. Except for wine in a box.  And self checkouts.
I don't like talking to people unless I have to.
I also have started not enjoying talking on the phone.  Which is weird because I grew up with a phone attached to my ear. My parents even got me my own landline.  That's why Christy and I know each other inside out or outside in.  We would talk for 3 hours after schoo…

Food goals

Do you ever buy a cookbook then only use a recipe?
I have a Rachael Ray cookbook that's gathering dust and I haven't even gotten as far as trying one recipe.  I find she uses weird ingredients.

My favourite cookbooks to collect are Barefoot Contessa.  I have loved the majority of her recipes and find it's my go-to...but still, I haven't even gotten close to trying all the recipes.  Enter my goal for this winter.

In the past, I have given myself culinary goals, such as the year I only baked bread or the year that I tried a new recipe once a week.
Well, this year, my friends, will be the year I make every. single. recipe. no. excuses. in. a. cookbook...even if it's duck.

So, I decided to rotate between two of her cookbooks until I move onto the next.  Here is the first recipe I attempted.

From Barefoot Contessa's: Make it Ahead

We decided to rate this on a scale of 4 because Willis is used to that scale from school and because I get a lot of 4s, Mom.  So I can.

Our home for the holidays.

Welcome if you're joining from the Blog Loop on our Christmas Home Tour.  I finally got my home decorated in time for this.  Why is it that it feels like it takes more and more time to do every year?
You can see how I've decorated my home in the past....but just for the record, like all the other decor in my house, it changes every year.
You can check out what our previous decor looked like here:
And all the rest. Kinda.

This year our big change was the colour scheme on the Christmas Tree.  We got an area rug for the great room and I just didn't like how the green and red I was doing previously looked with it. So this year I went with creams, gold and browns.  And I love it!

A couple tidbits: Dan and I were married on Dec. 27th, 2004 and every year since 2004 we've collected a Christmas village and man, has it grown to almost too much for one table. Picking out the village piece is one of our favourite Christmas traditions.

There are moments when I wish we woul…