Winter arrived, forgetting its manners

by - November 20, 2015

I have nothing for you today.  I've been stationed in bed with Lucia since Thursday after school and haven't the energy to be witty or cute.  I can, however, show you what I wore for a couple days this week and also let you know that winter arrived with a vengeance.  Time to get out the warmer gear.
Le sigh.
Have a great weekend.

Monday: Grey dress (Kensie) with Floral blazer (H&M) paired with fun grey tights and purple cow-hair Sam Edelman pumps.


Fun tights are going to be my thing this winter.  Most of the items in this outfit are old, so I recreated it for you with currently available items and in blacks.  Items are from the Bay, Simons and BaubleBar


Tuesday: Actually, I think this is Monday's look. Ah well.  Nothing special here. All of my oldest pieces.  Plaid jacket is from Winners.  Polka dot shirt from H&M. Black jeans from H&M.  Black fingerless gloves from H&M. Black MaryJane wedges are Kenneth Cole from Winners.  Pearls are from my sweet hubby.

And here's my recreation using pieces from one of my favourite online shops, ModCloth


Wednesday is my last look because Thursday was spent at home sick with Lucia.  I wanted cozy for the first official snow day of the season.  I also have started wearing turtlenecks under my sweater.  That is going to be my version of the button up under sweater look that I have never liked on me.  Turtlenecks for the win.  Also big cozy winter boots for the win.

I'm sporting my Cougar boots (here) for the first time and man, they are comfy and cozy.  The rest of the outfit is a mix of old and new.  Banana Republic wrap jacket was bought off another blogger, black tunic sweater is from H&M, white turtleneck is from Simons, black necklace is Lia Sophia, leopard pants are from H&M and the black booties were gifted to me, from Candace.

and here's my version of Wednesday's outfit with available pieces from H&M, The Bay, DSW, BaubleBar and Cleo's.


Have a great weekend!

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  1. ewwww for winter and I hope Lucia is feeling better. Poor thing and poor momma.

    At least you're looking super cute! I'm loving the fun tights and I can totes see that being your 'thing'.

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. oh winter!!! Stay away!! Love the fashions though. I would never think to pair plaid and polka dots but they work for you!!! Hope the little one is feeling better!


Have a lovely day!