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by - November 09, 2015

 I had originally wanted to talk about the good side of blogging today, seeing as I had a good vent session a couple weeks ago and you guys picked me up.  But I started feeling sick on Saturday afternoon and definitely have been getting worse, so the lovely post I had wanted to finish last night, didn't get done.  Realities.
So instead, let's take a look at some other realities in my life.  In the past couple weeks on Facebook and Instagram, I've posted some of the family photos we had done during the 40th anniversary weekend.  They were perfectly composed, grin pasted on, beautiful pictures that would likely get framed, but I wasn't convinced I loved them.
Then yesterday I received the USB with the rest of the photos and I instantly fell in love with the not so perfect but so real pictures that it held.
You see, I've never been one to take myself seriously and I think if you would look at the framed photo art around our home, none of it is perfectly poised, pretending life is just that: perfect.
Our main wedding photo is a jumble of a bridal party all crouched together and I'm not even snuggling Dan, instead I'm hugging Josh.  Our previous family photos have us making sand castles and I'm holding a screaming Lucia.
My life isn't perfect, so I don't want my family photos to portray something that it isn't.

This is why I LOVE this batch of photos.  I feel our energy was captured and when I look at them, I smile and remember how fun and adorable (and difficult) the kids were in that moment.
I love them because you can see the true personality shining through each person.
Take a look for yourself of my new favourites:

Look at Jamison!!! I can't handle the cuteness

This one is perfect...every kid is doing what every kid usually does!

Yup.  My mom is likely swearing under her breath because I wasn't being serious. Again.

He smiles!!!

He smiles?


Okay, this one is quite normal...this is a framer for me. 

This is right after Lucia picked her nose and studied it. All caught on film.

Love the shy guy look on Willis

Proof that Kyla and I can still sing and put on a show
that's my man!

Aw, my girl
If you were to come into my home, chances are you would see these photos framed.  I feel that they truly represent who we are and I love it that way: perfectly imperfect. 

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  1. Hope you're feeling better. I agree - these kind of pictures are my favorite. We've never had family portraits done that I was truly happy with. These are perfect!

  2. Aww..hate it that you're feeling under the weather. I just love your family and also love seeing pictures of them.

  3. Beautiful family Deena!! Each photo is so fun!!

  4. What beautiful pictures, lady!! Love all the blue!!!

  5. beautiful beautiful family!!!

    Willis looks so mature in some of those pics!! such a cutie!!

    You're looking gorgeous as always and I think my fav pic is the one of you being silly, because that's how I picture you :)

  6. I love "real" moments caught on camera and not the "school picture" smiles. If you cannot capture and celebrate truth then what is the point of having pictures? Found your blog on google+ - love it! xo Amanda

  7. Love, love, love this. You and your family! And it is so true about real life and loving the not so picture perfect ones more!

  8. They're kinda cute. Mostly weird, but kinda cute.

  9. Fun, that's how I like the photos!

  10. thanks! I wish we would have added a touch of a complimentary colour, but ah well.

  11. YOU HAVE NEVER HAD FAMILY PICTURES DONE? That's it. I'm coming to Seattle.

  12. Aw, thanks. Willis is sometimes mature but mostly not. And yes, I'm a goof, you got that one right. YOu don't even have to meet me to get that.

  13. Exactly! Now just to get the courage to actually put one on canvas!

  14. Thanks for stopping by! And exactly- what's the point if you can't get who you really are on film?!


Have a lovely day!