The week in sparkles and sequins

by - November 06, 2015

Because it's getting late (Thursday night, presently) and somehow I've lost the zip and zap I usually have when I feel like writing (I blame that on the Lower Fix workout that Dan and I just did) and since I don't quite recall what it was I was going to blabber on about, I'll leave you on this beautiful, glorious Friday with a list of my 5 favourite moments since we chatted last week. (and also the gift of a run-on sentence.)
Somehow Fridays have officially become my recap posts and I guess that's okay, but once the sun goes all hibernal on me and I lose my outside picture taking places, and then I have to resort to finding a well light place in my house, I may lose my desire to snap a photo of what I've worn to work.
Husband has informed me that he would only last a week wearing his clothes only once (I'm assuming my shoemania made him think of that) (he does read my blog so he gets a point for that) and then he wanted to know how long I could go if I burned every piece of clothing after I wore it. (Deduction for points for not appreciating my fashion)


Which maybe is going to push me to change things up a bit. We'll see.

So, enfin, I leave you with my favourite moments from the past week:

1- Halloween: my favourite part is seeing into other people's houses.  That's my style of creeping. Well that and the coffee crisp.

2- Willis and his love of math. SAY WHAT?
Me: Hey Willis, let's go read in bed.
Willis: Come on, Mom, just let me do some more Mathletics.
Me: But what about your book you were reading.
Willis: Can I go read a math book? 


3. The upcoming pumpkin massacre.  I have 14 pumpkins waiting be slaughtered for pumpkin purée.  First we chop and de-seed, then roast the wedges, then purée, then freeze so that for the rest of the year we have fresh pumpkin for cookies, muffins, chilis, pies and whatever other concoction I come up with.

4. No snow yet!  That is all.  It's like we're living in bonus-land

5. The chance to wear some fun outfits totally inspired by my desire to not wear the same pair of shoes.

Friday- jean day and Halloween Spirit Day at school.  I got lazy and didn't go in costume and then my grade 12s, for the first time in the history of my teaching career all, like 100% of them wore costumes. And some brilliant costumes like a Freudian Slip, the Bearer of Bad News and a Error 404.  Brilliant, I tell ya!  I wore camo flats and a tiger sweater instead. Roar.

Saturday before Trick or Treating, we went out to Willis' bball game and were joined by the grandparents, so we all went out for supper at Pink Cadillac, a 50s diner, after.  I wore my new cape (here) and leggings. Super comfy!
And just to show I don't lack complete Halloween spirit, I did dress up as Twilight Sparkles to the delight of Lucia.  I wore a purple tutu and purple wings along with my purple and pink hair.  This is after, at Kevin and Monique's where I had everything I needed: wine and coffee crisps.
Back to work Monday. I like this outfit but I don't like this outfit.  You can't see the bright blue of the shoes in this picture, dommage...they are super pretty.  I feel like the shirt and the pants are too baggy (yay for losing weight) and I think they will be retired.
Another poor lighting picture because you can't see the pretty tulle skirt.  I liked this outfit, the picture of it not so much.
This is the debut of the new cape from Simons (here), the return of my favourite leggings from Aritzia (here) and blue suede boots.
And today.  Jogger dress pants paired with a cozy sweater tshirt thingy (here) and plaid flats

That's my week, hope yours was grande and we'll see you on Monday when my blog is invaded all week by all the reasons why I love blogging!

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  1. LOVE that cape. What is with husbands and their lack of appreciation of our style choices? Hmph. You are hilarious. Love the mathlete and hoping we live in bonus land as loooong as possible!

  2. So many great things to discuss with you from this post - so I'll probably just text you later :)! Plus I got distracted by the capes and how fabulous you look in them.


Have a lovely day!