October review in numbers

by - November 02, 2015

It's the end of the month already and time to take a look back in a rather quirky way, at what we did in October.  Link up with me if you have a similar post.  You can read my previous posts are here.  Next link up will be Monday, Dec. 7th.

2,035 pageviews which is way down from last month.
2 sponsored posts done = half a pair of shoes.
books read. So sad. My worst month ever.  I started Furiously Happy in September and ended it in October.  It was possibly my favourite book I've read all year.  This is a pee your pants funny book, just like her first but it has a little bit more serious side to it in regards to depression and anxiety.
Furiously Happy
The rest of my month was spent going through this novel I will be teaching next week.  Always nice to be a step ahead of the kids.  I liked this book and I have a feeling that I may be able to sell the kids on it.  To be continued...
La nuit de Santa Cruz

3 early supper dates with the kids in between picking them up from school and waiting to go for Lucia's dance.  This has easily become my favourite part of the week and we have had some great meals together.....wood fire pizza, subs....and my favourite, crepes on an outside patio.

27 old photos scanned to help Kyla prep the video which she fantastically and perfectly made for mom and dad's anniversary party.

batches of waffles,  batch of cookies by chef Willis.  It makes him so proud to make something all by himself, I love seeing that independence!
tooth lost and 1 night of trickery as the mischievous tooth fairy created a topless Barbie couch slide when he requested she tidy the living room and then the clever tooth fairy left him 1.70$ in change.
fun mail package from a super blogger friend.  Shaunacey sent me these at the beginning of playoffs and it made me smile, so see how I payed it forward here.

big fancy meals on thanksgiving- we hosted a Friendsgiving, headed to my parents and then hosted Dan's parents and sister and her husband.  It was a fantastically wonderful weekend, one of the best we've had in a long time.

 11venty billion hours spent with Willis and his bike

basketball games.  We have officially switched focus in our house.  Not only are we watching Raptors but Willis has started his season.  I'm very impressed with the minor basketball association here!  He practices once a week and plays on Saturdays and was quite timid to start, but then it switched to very proud and adorable once he got going.

times gone to the gym- my membership (through school) just kicked in on Oct 1 and I'm paying 30ish$ a month.  Ideally I will get in WAY more than that.  Sad.
0 lbs lost or gained.  Since the end of July when I started working on my health, I've lost 10 lbs.  Now is time to kick it up a notch.  My goal is to lose another 10 by the end of the semester (January)
3 giant pumpkins carved- we had 8 giant pumpkins on our porch. Kyla and Candace took one and the rest are all pie pumpkins, so we'll start the purée massacre soon, I'm sure.


My homeroom's creation that won us top prize
20 different shoes worn to teach....I've covered September and October and will make it into November...just not sure how long.

selfies of my brother during a great weekend.  I love spending time with Jen and Rob.

1 millionish geese seen and heard every day.  They seem to like the feels across from our place and the kids love seeing how close we can get before they take off.  They also seem to fly really low around here, you can hear their wings a'flapping, their goose anthem being sung.

plank moments with Jamison...that kid is so cute and mighty.  He doesn't crawl or really get up on his knees. Instead the musclemonster planks.  What a kid.

39 attempts at a group picture for Halloween with our cute and not always so cooperative kids.  One day this will be easy.

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  1. I remember that green dress in the old pics. I think you wore for school photos one year.


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