A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Backpacks with OMGNB.COM

Today's post is sponsored by OMGNB.COM a China-based global online retailer. All opinions are my own.

If I've learned anything in my quest for online shopping domination (cue the tears, husband), I have discovered that when you shop online, you aren't restricted to stores in your vicinity and that there's a whole world of selection out there.  I wouldn't hesitate to order something from China because of the great prices and service.  This especially comes into play when I'm wanting something trendy that I don't necessarily want as an investment piece.  
For instance, check out the great selection of backpacks for women.  This is an item that I like but wouldn't want to get an expensive version because who knows how long they will be in style.  I would instead choose something at a better price point like these:

Waterproof Flap-Buckle

Vintage Dark Brown
Backpack with belt buckle
Apparently I have a thing for cognac backpacks. I love these.
And while I was ordering, I of course would pick something out for Lucia:

Bow and Lace
What do you think? You into the backpack trend?