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Nostalgic Series

I'm rewinding back to November 28th, 2011....I was sick then too.  Go figure.  You can read the original post here.   Come back next week, Dec 7th, when I do month in review with numbers. You should start working on yours!  Also, check out the Blended Blog today as some of the bloggers are showcasing their favourite posts from November.

The Weekend Christmas happened. And then some.

This weekend was all about Christmas preparations.  And puking.  And fevers.  Oh my!
First, there was tree decorating. Mostly because we decorated the house Friday night (before I started my pukefest) and when Willis woke up Saturday morning to see that TicTacToe (our elf) had not arrived (we told him he likely would if the house was Christmassy), he was vexed.  So we decorated the tree (to improve the likelihood of TicTacToe returning, or me remembering to put him out)

And once TicTacToe returned on Sunday morning, Christmas and all it's glory was brought into our house.  Willis spent the mo…

Backpacks with OMGNB.COM

Today's post is sponsored by OMGNB.COMa China-based global online retailer. All opinions are my own.
If I've learned anything in my quest for online shopping domination (cue the tears, husband), I have discovered that when you shop online, you aren't restricted to stores in your vicinity and that there's a whole world of selection out there.  I wouldn't hesitate to order something from China because of the great prices and service.  This especially comes into play when I'm wanting something trendy that I don't necessarily want as an investment piece.   For instance, check out the great selection of backpacks for women.  This is an item that I like but wouldn't want to get an expensive version because who knows how long they will be in style.  I would instead choose something at a better price point like these:

Apparently I have a thing for cognac backpacks. I love these. And while I was ordering, I of course would pick something out for Lucia:
What do yo…

Feeling all the Feels

On Sunday night I sat down to write my post for Monday and before I even had a chance to start I had to abandon what I was doing to adult.

Poor Lucy has been out of commission since last week and has been hit with every end of the sick stick.  And well, if you are a parent, you know how hard it is to adult when you yourself are coming down with whatever it is your child picked up because, come on, how do you not snuggle them when they're feeling ill and thusly take on all their germs.

So I snuggled next to her in her humidifier tent where she was content to sleep for two nights.  Which means that I haven't slept either.
And well, if you know me, you know that I don't do well on little sleep.  Nevermind my body needing the rest to combat whatever germ monster it is that has won us, but I need sleep to not feel like a zombie with dagger eyes who has urges to ninja kick people at random.

On Monday I felt a little guilty for not putting together whatever it was I had planned …

Winter arrived, forgetting its manners

I have nothing for you today.  I've been stationed in bed with Lucia since Thursday after school and haven't the energy to be witty or cute.  I can, however, show you what I wore for a couple days this week and also let you know that winter arrived with a vengeance.  Time to get out the warmer gear. Le sigh. Have a great weekend.
Monday: Grey dress (Kensie) with Floral blazer (H&M) paired with fun grey tights and purple cow-hair Sam Edelman pumps.

Fun tights are going to be my thing this winter.  Most of the items in this outfit are old, so I recreated it for you with currently available items and in blacks.  Items are from the Bay, Simons and BaubleBar

outfit1 by shoestoshiraz featuring BaubleBar pendants

Tuesday: Actually, I think this is Monday's look. Ah well.  Nothing special here. All of my oldest pieces.  Plaid jacket is from Winners.  Polka dot shirt from H&M. Black jeans from H&M.  Black fingerless gloves from H&M. Black MaryJane wedges are Kenneth C…

Prom Dresses with

Today's post is sponsored by Msdress, a trusted online prom dress boutique who offers a great variety of choices for Prom Dresses 2016.  All opinions are my own. 

The girls in my grade 12 class are all aflutter, talking about the selection of their grad dresses.  I gotta say, I'm a little envious.  I remember so clearly that shopping trip to Saskatoon to pick out THE dress. HowI would love to have a chance to do that again.  That is,  just the dress part.  The grad pomp and circumstance I don't need to experience again, but I would love to pick out an updated version of what I wore almost 20 years ago (gasp).
So in honour of today's post I shall share with you my picks for an updated class of 2016 version of the dress I wore when I graduated in 1997.

Deena of 1997 (can I offer a few observations??? Why does my head look so big. Also...collarbones? I haven't seen those in ages.  And I am so glad gloves aren't cool anymore..especially gloves (and shoes) that hav…

My Christmas gift list 5-30$

I'm not feeling particularly verbose today, so why don't I share with you what I'm doing for Christmas shopping.  My goal is to be done Christmas shopping by the time we decorate the house (last weekend of November.)  Currently I'm at 64%.  I have found that I despise shopping in stores for gifts so the majority of everything has been ordered online.

Looking for some great gifts?  Today I'm sharing my favourites for the 5$-30$ price range.  Come back next week and I'll share with you my 30$-100$ price range gift ideas.

5$-30$ gift guide by deena-simair

1- Wine is always a great gift. My current fave are the reds in the Wayne Gretzky Collection.  But really, any wine will do. Wine for the win. All. The. Time. 2- I love a good infinity scarf that is nice and light.  These are great colours and patterns for winter that won't make you sweat, too much anyway.  Plaid here, Nordic here.  Key for me is wearing my hair up on the days I wear scarves or else my makeup…

An impromptu visit at a perfect time

"I just gave Grandpa the wrong directions to a birthday party, he may be lost.  Also, it's the wrong day for the birthday party.  The party is tomorrow.  So.... 87 year old Grandpa is likely lost on the roads somewhere around your house and his cell isn't on.  Or it is and his hearing aids are off."

Just a typical Saturday afternoon chez us.  
When Aunty Chrissy called with the stressful (and somewhat comical) news, Lucia and I quickly hopped into the truck for a ride around the neighbourhood on the grids, to see if we could find Poppa Pockets.  I shouldn't say comical because Aunty Chris was quite stressed out, but I had no doubt Grandpa would find his way somewhere. Nonetheless, we didn't want him lost, so we set out to find Gramps.  Lucia loves a good adventure and was having a great time trying to spot his grey Ford.   Within 10 minutes of our journey, he was found.   I drove across the highway to where the party was to take place (the next day) and then…