A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Willis the believer

Willis is at a magical age where we're just on the edge of him still fervently believing in the magic of childhood.  I have a feeling that it may be Lucia who becomes the first non-believer.  She is such a realist.  Mom, those are just girls in costumes, dressed as Anna and Elsa.

Willis, on the other hand, is terrified of the tooth fairy and for the past 3 teeth, has left notes requesting the tooth fairy find the tooth in another room altogether.  Then he started getting crafty, asking favours from the fairy.  She was not too keen on his last request of her cleaning up the living room. So she made a big fort instead and left him 1.70$ in change.

Both kids are still terrified and reluctant to get up closer and personal with Santa Claus.  Here's a little throwback for you, we had a tradition growing up that at my Grandma Diehl's place, that Santa would come on Christmas Eve.  For all the years I believed, I spent my nights fretting about his arrival: I'd sit and look out the picture window, watching for Rudolph's nose.  I would get nosebleeds out of sheer excitement.

We've continued that tradition into the next generation, with a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve at whichever home we're at.  I have a feeling that this year will be the year that Lucia points out that Santa has a pillow in his belly.

Willis spent last weekend convinced that if he were to google magic spells, then he could get his Harry Potter wand to work and turn Lucia's My Little Pony into a real one.  He was so convinced that he wanted to do the trick on the deck, because who wants a real pony in the house, Mom.   Lucia was quite concerned that it would actually work and kept hiding with her Daddy.

After many failed attempts with the wand, I had him convinced that he had to read what Harry Potter did when he first got his wand, and what better way to break in the new picture book edition of the Philosopher's Stone.

In the end, no magic was made but plenty of mischief was managed.  Mostly by me.  Gotta love being able to toy with those little cuties while they have so much wonder.

Speaking of wonder...this is what my dreams are made of; snuggly, sleeping kiddos to have sleepovers with when Dan is away.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for all the great comments on Monday...lots to think about!