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by - October 09, 2015

OH friends, has Blue Jays' frenzy ever hit our home.  Okay, that's nothing really new.  We are always Blue Jay diehards.  I will thank my parents for that and my Grams (who was a huge Blue Jays fan) too.  Willis actually brings that up lots: Hey Mom, I bet Grams is happy the Jays are winning. 
Baseball is in our blood. 
In fact, I could do a whole post on what fanhood looked like for us in the past...when the last time we experienced postseason baseball (and won) was 22 years ago when we saw this:

Our adrenaline is pumping and we can't wait to cheer for our Jays! You can guarantee that we'll be following every game and making it a special experience. And you know what,  regardless how they fare, we will always be fans and won't ever get off that bandwagon.  We love our Jays and are just thrilled to be experiencing playoff ball! Except for one observation.  I miss the Canadian announcers on Sportsnet.  For some weird reason we have to listen to the Fox Sports guys and they are very annoying.   I may watch the remainder of the games on mute and listen to the Canadian Sportsnet announcers on the radio.  Super frustrating!

This week kicked my ass again, but I also figured out that it's really just Monday and Tuesday that leave me feeling extremely overwhelmed, so I'm going to make some adjustments so that I don't get to that point.  Hopefully that will make all my jobs more manageable.  One thing I do feel I have under control is my teaching costumes.  I love doing my makeup and hair in the morning and it's been especially fun picking out my costume for the day and shoes.  

This is what I wore ...... 

1) Working with Carrie, Casey and Whitney's Create28 for this outfit...the prompt was plaid.  This is my go-to plaid outfit.... I would have preferred to wear it with my nude flats but I'm wearing a different pair of shoes for as long as I can and I already wore those with my tulle skirt.

Had a gathering with the girls that night and look, Christy was wearing her plaid too!

This is Day 1 of the Fall Challenge look: tone on tone.  The scarf and jacket were way too hot for the classroom...so I included my actual classroom look, in my actual classroom.  Pink blouse + Burgundy pants + floral scarf + gold shoes.  Minus the gold shoes because I actually don't have any. Gasp.

This Fall Challenge outfit called for boyfriend jeans, an orange sweater and leopard flats, so I had to do some adjusting for work. Also, I am very over leopard flats.  You'll have to wait until I do my October shoe review to get a peak at these shoes....they are the cutest!

Another Fall Challenge outfit: Long cardigan + Chambray Shirt + Plaid Scarf + Black Jeans + Riding Boots.  I don't have a chambray shirt that I like, but I do have a chambray sweater I love!

The last look is brought to you by PLAYOFF BASEBALL DAY!  It was actually blue day at school in honour of the Jays, so, as you can guess, I was thrilled to wear this.  Got this jersey in TO with Jordan...it's a Bautista if you're curious.

That's it, that's all!  I look forward to our Thanksgiving weekend spent with many special people.  We're hosting the first annual Friendsgiving one night and heading to my parents' for a day and then hosting Dan's family for another.  So it'll be busy, but it will also be beautiful.  I can't wait to show you what it looked like.    
Have a great weekend!

Linking up with Carrie, Casey and Whitney.

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  1. Love it all but especially that little peach jacket on you. The color is great!

  2. I can't choose a fave - they are all great. In the picture of us it looks like I'm wearing a plaid shirt and your plaid pants. lol.

  3. Thanks for sharing your outfits! I sure do love those plaid leggings!


Have a lovely day!