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by - October 16, 2015

OH, it's been an emotional roller coaster of a week...all because of baseball, but it turned out favourable and was it ever cool to experience the ups and downs with Willis.  He did a lot of jumping in my arms during the deciding match on Wednesday, and wanting to cuddle when he was stressed out.  That may be my favourite memory of it all.  Or this:

Last night was parent teacher interviews, which always leaves me in a strange mix of emotions: I'm exhausted from talking and my cheeks are sore from smiling, but I'm also feeling refreshed and appreciated.  There are so many great families out there.  More on that next week, I think.  If I can find the energy.  You see, I'm getting that feeling of being stretched too thin again and although I do feel like I have finally figured out a routine of sorts, I'm still feeling like I'm not quite caught up.   I am still working on this.

Now how about some of my outfits for this week, which was up and down, a mélange of love and hate.

LOVED (Pros- it was Blue Jay blue and I got to wear a cozy sweater and jeans to work.  Cons- My necklace was too heavy)

KINDA LOVED (This is a weekend outfit, from the challenge which called for the plaid shirt dress.  I wore my floral shirt dress -but seriously, who would wear this as a dress.....- and I paired it with blue suede leggings which were freaking hot and made me sweat.  Pros- leggings are comfy and pretty cozy for turkey eating.  Cons- I didn't appreciate being sweaty before having the turkey sweats)

LOVED (This challenge outfit called for grey with burgundy and brown boots.  I didn't like how the brown boots looked with this dark grey, so I went with black.  Pros- the poncho is the coziest things around.  Cons- I feel matchy matchy and I don't like matchy matchy)

DISLIKED (patterned top + olive pants from the Fall Challenge.  These were just the wrong style pants for this outfit...too baggy or bulky for a flowy top.  Would have looked better with a skinny jean.  I should have just worn a cozy sweater like I felt like wearing.  Pros- I love this flowy, floral top.  Cons- I need to get my pants hemmed)

LOVED (The Fall Challenge called for the plaid shirt dress again, paired with leggings and I don't like wearing the same thing twice in a week. So I grabbed this striped dress I got last year at H&M but haven't worn since...yay for losing 10 lbs!  and I paired it with my WunderUnders from Lulu and Moto jacked from Joe Fresh.  Pros- I felt great and looked like fall.  Cons- I had to sit in this all day and night during Parent Teacher Interviews and started to hate the outfit because it wasn't pajamas)

I also wore my new glasses that I won in a giveaway from my blogger friend, Vanessa's blog.   They are from firmoo and I LOVE THEM!

That's it for tonight.  I need to get to bed.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. I love the glasses. Never too many glasses!

  2. You may not like matchy-matcy, but the poncho outfit is gorgeous on you. Actually, they all are. I'm cheering on your Jays too - so exciting! I have to admit, one of the main reasons I like to watch football is because the boys still sit down and watch it with me :)!

  3. 1. I LOVE the matchy matchy one. Not shocking, since I just learned how not to match last year. Also love your PTI day one outfit. I am going to look to my closet to recreate something like this. . . .Now that I have my very own moto jacket!!! Your flow shirt (definitely not a dress) is gorgeous. Like seriously pretty.

    2. You are totally coming into your own with your writing. I can hear your voice so clearly when I read your words. It is totally you. I didn't think I could enjoy reading your blog more than I did, but I do. Keep being you.

    3. Point #2 was not said because I love you. . . . But obviously you are the bees' knees or bee's knees? I am leaving that one to the experts.

  4. You might not like the matchy matchy, but I think it looks great! I loved how you did this post with Pro's and con's of each outfit, very good idea!


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