The week that happened

by - October 23, 2015

The weekly scoop:

My weekly ritual: Thursday night, a glass of red and a blog to compose for the next day.
One problem, I have no wine.  So it's a sad, sad night.
Also, the Jays are making me very very nervous.  I start feeling like I'm going to vomit on game days. Nonetheless, it has been thrilling watching them in playoffs!
Dan was working away in YYG this week and I survived.  And there wasn't any wine in the house. Miraculous if you ask me.
I didn't feel horribly overwhelmed this week, but I did go in to school last weekend to get ahead, also to make sure I was ready in case the kids were sick, as they were on the brink of it all week.  Luckily, nobody missed any school and instead I got a couple of cuties doing math on my whiteboard while I prepped:

Here's the run down of what I wore this week:

1) Parent Teacher Interviews on Friday.  Loved this outfit and I haven't any complaints.  It was my version of the OOTD for the Fall Challenge.  I think the combo was blazer + orange sweater + black pants + riding boots + plaid scarf.  Who wears a sweater under a blazer???? My orange sweater is way too thick for that, so I did some improvising.

2) Saturday outfit....must've been game day.  I may take a loving to bonusland of ball games in October.  I'm getting tons of wear out of my tshirts (Price and Donaldson) and jersey (Bautista).  I have a feeling I'll be adding another to my collection...I can't decide though if I want an Osuna or Stroman.

3) Monday back to work outfit.  I love this flouncy top by Free People.  I also love the word flouncy.  I think fall challenge outfit was pink blouse, floral scarf, olive pants and cream cardigan. I kinda did my own thing, which seems to be my theme for this challenge.  To be honest with you, I haven't really enjoyed it.  But maybe more on that later.
I would also like to point out, that I have yet to repeat a pair of shoes when teaching.

4) I love the colour combo in this outfit and surprise, surprise, the shoes are my favourite.  I think I actually kept right on the Fall Challenge combo but I subbed out leopard flats with plaid instead.  The combo was blazer + white button up + boyfriend jeans + leopard shoes.

5) New top alert!  Kyla found this one on Modcloth and then, as I usually do, I stole her idea and got it.  Thanks for continually sending me ideas of things I want, sis.  You have a great eye!

6) This is my least favourite outfit of the week and of the challenge.  Mostly because I don't like the combo of orange and olive, on me anyway. Or maybe I just don't like the combo of the fits of this sweater and cords. Whatever.  I also couldn't wear the booties because I had to settle for comfy loafers.

Alright, I'm back.  I found a Corona in the fridge downstairs and now all is well in the universe.

Other great events this week was the arrival of this poncho and leather leggings. It's a bad picture and my earphones were pulling it up weirdly, but that's because I was talking to Christy on the phone while taking the picture.  I can't wait to wear this baby out...bring on the chillier temperatures.  Or wait, don't.  It's been so freaking beautiful out, hasn't it?

Speaking of beautiful weather, tonight was one of my favourite moments of the week.  Willis (super proud of himself for finally learning how to ride a bike) and Lucia (equally proud that she can keep up with BrotherBear) decided they wanted to go for a bike ride.  What this usually means is that they bike up and down the driveway and maybe to the stop sign and back.  Last night, they did the entire loop of our block...that's 2km!  Lucia was such a little trooper and keep cheering herself on.

I don't ever want to forget walking behind her and listening to her say: Come on legs, you can do this. You can make it. Just push a little harder. 
What a doll she is.

 Also this week, my homerun (clearly that is a typo...and I would change it, but seriously, I must really have Blue Jays on my brain) homeROOM won for the best carved pumpkin.  I was quite proud of them!

Well that was my week, hope you have a great weekend.
Come back on Monday for the Nostalgic Series post and link up, if you have anything you'd like share.
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  1. please can this beautiful weather last 2 more days??? Great post! Loved all the outfits!!

  2. Christy and I think alike - my overriding thought was "No wine"? The poncho and leather leggings are SO cool. Love Lucia and Willis riding their bikes - kids make life so wonderful. Have a spectacular weekend, my friend!

  3. oh yeah! great on Willis for the bike riding! and Lucia too!

  4. Love all your outfits.
    And no wine? Blasphemy!

  5. A few things....
    1. No wine??? Don't you buy in bulk?
    2. LOVE the mustard blazer. That color looks so good on you!
    3. I'm glad to see you are good at multitasking.
    4. I love seeing what you wear. You wear everything well.
    Thats all.

  6. I love the flouncy top and the blazer. Oh and that poncho!!! Also like the orange sweater one the least. But to be clear, I think it still looks nice on you. I just think that it is too blah an outfit for your style. I love winning, whether it be pumpkin carving contests or the Jays. So glad you found that beer!!!

  7. I love you style. It's always you no matter what prompt is thrown at you, you make with your twist. Those mini bikers are precious!

  8. you're going to have to start buying wine by the case... or cases. whatever.
    also, if the jays were stressing you out then, how are you feeling now?! I'm gonna barf

  9. Um, no wine! Crisis! But at least you found some beer, haha. Love that mustard jacket with the plaid sleeve, super cute!

  10. OMG no wine woman?!? Man!! On the Upside...Love all these looks...GO Jays!! Fingers crossed!!

  11. The wine problem has been solved. Also, I would love to see more of what you wear!

  12. Kids do make life wonderful, except when they're fighting.

  13. I know, totally wrong on every level.

  14. Too blah an outfit for my style is exactly the problem. I need to fix that one to make it more me.

  15. The wine problem has been solved. All is good again.

  16. I like my style somedays and then other days I just want to wear pajamas.

  17. And because they didn't win, I find I'm drowning my sorrows even more.

  18. Ok, this Thursday we were out of "non expensive wine," too!!! I freaked, but luckily we have a little store 1 block from us so that was solved rather quickly!! Really hate it when that happens! Also, I am totally copying that outfit with the BLue Jays shirt since it's team shirt day at school tomorrow!!! OXOXOXO

  19. Love all of your looks!! All so versatile!! Glad you found some beer!

    xx, EE

  20. Gosh, you can see all the way to El Paso down that long stretch of country road. Gorgeous. Congrats on winning the best pumpkin award. Hope you have remedied that very sad wine situation by now. Cheers to Thursday night, tomorrow!


Have a lovely day!