September review, in numbers

by - October 05, 2015

It's my monthly numbers post, you can check out what I've done in the past here.  Link up your numbers post or month in review at the end of this one.  Also,  next post will be done on Monday, Nov 2nd.

It's that time again when I am shocked at how quickly a month can go by...except for some reason, when I think of the events of early September, it feels like a lifetime ago.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I've put in enough work and we should just wrap up the school year, jump in the pool and call it a day. Done deal.

But, I guess that plan won't work because, I'm not going to lie, I'm really enjoying the beauty of fall and....shhhhhh...I'm kinda starting to look forward to snow and Christmas.  But enough of that crazy, let's talk the events of September.

4 quotes for you because it's fall. And because fall makes me happy.  For the record, so does wine.

27 Blue Jay games either watched or listened to on the radio.  They won 18 of those, FYI. and they also clinched their division for the first time in 22 years! I remember watching the World Series wins in grade 8 and 9.  I have all of my own Blue Jays World Series paraphernalia in storage, I'll have to get that out once playoffs start.

2 weekends spent winterizing the pool.  Part of the process includes cleaning it as much as possible, draining it a couple of inches below the skimmer, putting some special winterizing chemicals in it and then covering it.  The water freezes for the winter and then you skate on it. Just kidding, although that would be fun.  Shit, that reminds me, I need to find a spot to try making a rink in our backyard. I failed miserably at this last year.  I also need to find a better cover for the pool in the winter, it keeps blowing off.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Flat Whites consumed....I have to figure out a better way to get my coffee fix in the afternoon.  Not being at school or being at home means I've been spending way more than I'd like at Starbucks.  White it's tasty, I'd rather buy shoes with that money.  I can hear Dan saying already: here's an idea, why not stay at school and work??  Because Winners and coffee are my happy place, Dan. That's why.  The end.

10 Salads for lunch made and actually ate. Fact.  I hate salads.  Wait, I strongly despise salads that I make, they always taste way better when someone else makes it for me.  A couple weeks ago I started prepping ALL the lunches for the week on Sunday for ALL the kids, big and small.  This forces me to eat all my servings of veggies during the week and it makes my nightly prep for the next day much more lovely.  

1.75 Books read.  I don't know how to count this one.  I finished Quiet (which was a heavy read and took me awhile, but so very interesting.   Great recommend, Jordan and Hugh) 
My friend, Jana, aka Professor McGonigal borrowed me ALL the Jen Lancaster books after she saw that I loved the one I read in August, so I started that pile and I finished Bitter is the new Black.  Very funny stuff!  Thanks, Jana!  Now I'm currently working on Furiously Happy, by the Bloggess, Jenny Lawson...which I don't want to ever end.  Might very well be my favourite read of 2015.  Speaking of my reads for 2015...I'm 180% above my goal for books read.  

1ish rounds of the 21 day fix complete...kinda.  Thing is I am now trying to adapt it to suite the back to work lifestyle.  I have a gym membership that started Oct 1, so I'll have to readjust again, but September was generally a struggle to make anything work.  I didn't gain any weight, though, so that was a bonus.  Must've been all the miles put on mall walking....

345 tomatoes processed.  Okay, I admit, I made up that number. But I did 4 rounds of tomatoes and there was 70-80 red tomatoes each time I processed them, so it kinda works.  I made lots of tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce and just plain old frozen much that we had to buy a second freezer for the basement.  

22 pumpkins, ranging in 100lbs to 2 lbs, scattered around our house and on our veranda.  My goal for the garden next year is to have a kickass pumpkin patch and then all my friends can come with their kids and pick pumpkins and then we can watch for the Great Pumpkin and have a jolly good time. My freezer only has one bag left of puréed pumpkin, so I'm ready to stock back up.

1,485 km (roughly 900 miles) put on driving kids to and from school.  Luckily, we get reimbursed for this.

13 different shoes worn to work and I'm not slowing down anytime soon.

4.035 pageviews, which is up from 2,350 last month

birthday party- Dan's sister, Monique turned 30 something.  Lucia made her a lovely piece of art out of melted crayons and silver spray paint.  It kinda reminds me of a heart shaped cloud during a sunrise, no?

anniversary celebrated: Mom and Dad's 40th.  We had a low-key cake eating festivity on the weekend of their actual anniversary...but there is MUCH more partying to come in October.  Can't wait to add how many pairs of bell bottoms I saw to my October numbers post.

11 episodes of Gilmore Girls, I'm currently on season 4 and Dan and I also watched 10 episodes of last years' Big Bang season....I'm almost caught up...

That's it, that's all!  Hope you had a great month too!  

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  1. i totally forgot about the numbers post... maybe i'll see if I can get something together for tomorrow (totally kiddo-dependent, as per the rest of my life).
    LOVE all of the shoes!

  2. I'll make you some salads if you make me some crepes...

  3. I forgot about the numbers post!!!

  4. So my goal was to participate but I also thought I could keep up with my numbers in my head. Obviously, I was wrong + I thought I could write 3 post for one day. I was wrong again. But I am writing stuff down now for this month!!! I love and laughed at loud and read it Dale about the 345 tomatoes. I {heart} it!!!

  5. F. Scott Fitzgerald speaks to me. So does Anne of Green Gables. I remember checking out that book when I was little just because I loved the cover. Never read it. Still haven't. Love the quote, though. So, there's a fire in your closet and you can only rescue two pairs of the footwear featured in the post. Which ones escape the flames? If you move quickly, you might be able to save three. I have my three favs, which are yours? I can relate to having to readjust my workout schedule now that school has started. October has to be better in that department than September was.

  6. Can you come over and prep my salads too?? :) And wow at your shoes!! LOVE them all ! XOXO

  7. This post has caused some questions to arise: 1. 22 pumpkins? Did you grow them? Because even at $4/pumpkin, that's a whole lot of dough! 2. Reimbursement for driving kids around? Who pays you and how can I get in on that??? 3. Tomatoes. Did you grow all those? I can tomatoes but I have to buy them at the farmer's market. I can't keep up with my garden (aka weed patch).

    Loved the shoes! I challenge you to wear a different pair every day! How far would you get? Because 2 weeks is pretty good! I couldn't do that, unless I could wear both summer and winter shoes.

  8. No worries, there's always next month! And then hopefully we can include the # of Jays' wins.

  9. My closet is a happy assortment and many of them went unworn last year. They are happy to be used this year. In ground pools are winterized too! We definitely don't get as much use out of ours as you do...

  10. trying to recreate the great pumpkin patch

  11. Thank you for the shoes post, that made me happy :) I realize in my closet, there are 80% heels...I need to work on that number, haha. Winterizing the pool...I get it now. Do people who have in ground pools do that too? And a pumpkin patch on your property...heck ya!

  12. There's always next month! Or tomorrow.

  13. I can never remember what I want to post for #s unless I keep a sticky note. I bet my number of tomatoes is comparable to your number of avocados....

  14. You haven't read Anne of Green GABLES??? That's it, I'm sending you my copy. If my house were on fire, I'd develop a super power that allows me to save ALL my shoes. And my family of course. I don't think I could choose.

  15. Yay for questions!!! My in-laws grew the pumpkins, so they were free! I hope to do the same next year. I get reimbursed because they don't bus out to our acreage. I did grow the tomatoes...some were from my inlaws too. I've done all of my september teaching without repeating the same shoe...I think I can do October too...and maybe even longer if I could bring down my summer shoes.

  16. Love the shoes!!! and 100 pound pumpkin....woohoo!! Lucia is an awesome artist!! And seriously, that is a lot of driving!!


Have a lovely day!