Ah, snap

by - October 30, 2015

I had a Mom fail moment this week, which is a sign that I'm falling back into that "doing a whole bunch of things and none of them really well" type of living which is exactly what I didn't want. There's not enough of me to go around, I guess.

When I brought Lucia to school on Thursday, I did so thinking she had school on Friday and that was her day to dress up and do the whole costume thing.  Except as I drove away, seeing some of her little friends toting bags with treats and costumes, I got freaked out and texted Kyla (responsibly, of course). Which I often do because I am always feeling like I'm dropping her off when I shouldn't be and vice versa. Kyla let me know that the girls did not have school the next day and today (Thursday) was the day for the Halloween party.
And there was my little lady, arriving in her classroom, learning she didn't have a costume.  Lucia LOVES school and is extremely excited for every moment she gets to be there, including this party that was happening that very day...and not the next.
My heart ached at the thought of her disappointment because I couldn't get my shit together enough to read a newsletter and figure it out.  I hate making mistakes and I hate them even more when they are made at the expense of my kids.
So by the time I figured this out I was almost back at school. I had an option, I could maybe swing into Walmart and buy another Elsa dress or I could get Dan to go get it for her.  Because when I'm frantic and losing my marbles the last thing I want to do is to deal with stupid people, I get ahold of Dan (responsibly, of course) and he happily said he'd go back home and get her stuff, bringing it to her before her afternoon party. Superhero Dad to the rescue.
I still wasn't happy. I didn't want her to have to sit in sadness all morning, so I quickly turned around (responsibly, of course) and drove back to her school so I could let her know she had something coming.  It was the first time I wished my kids had cell phones, would have made things much easier. I'm glad I went though because she was thrilled to know it was coming, despite the tears, sadness and disappointment she had in her eyes when I walked into the classroom and she ran up to me saying, Mommy, I don't have a costume.
Le sigh.
The situation was saved and lessons were learned. And of course, before picking them up at the end of the day, I stopped at my happy place and got a pretty bottle of wine, because it's that kind of day that requires a glass (responsibly, of course) and I wasn't going to be empty handed this time.

On to what I wore (this portion contains affiliate links which means my proverbial glass of wine is filled every time you click...or I get a small amount of money. Something like that) :

Friday was retreat day for our staff and also an important Jays' game...which they sadly lost.  At least I was comfy in my Price T-shirt, blardigan and Lulus.

Monday I was officially off the Fall Challenge and happy to be back to my creations.  I didn't enjoy the challenge this go around, but I think that's just because I'm done having my creativity stifled by a list of things that someone says I should wear.  The ideas and suggestions are nice, but I'm over it.  From here on out, I want to dress to my style, body shape and personality. Also, it was hard working around the outfits when my goal was to not wear the same shoes teaching until I ran out.  I'm still going strong.....  
I loved this outfit. It was a sweater I bought on the girls' shopping trip from Nordstrom (similar).  I paired it with the Hue leggings (here), which who doesn't own at this point, they are a great quality legging and I'm definitely wanting to expand and try the faux leather....has anyone tried them??


Tuesday was awards day at school, so I dressed up. Which I do every day, anyway, so nothing fancy here.  I used to be able to take my outfit pictures in the morning, but now the sun is only just beginning to rise when we leave for school at 8, so we did some improvising.  Willis wanted to be a photog so he snapped my picture in a random field on the way home.  Note the specks of snow fluttering about in both pictures.   I wore a vest with this outfit all day because I don't like tight shirts and the shirt feels too tight for me in the first pic.  The vest is a flowy vest from Simons that I got early this summer. I tried to find something similar online but it's all fur and shearling now.  I personally like this one.  Lots of great options!  This outfit contains two of the oldest pieces in my closet as well: a knit turtleneck t from H&M, circa 2005...or whenever Alynne lived with us and a fall floral skirt from Esprit, circa a trip to Toronto with Mom, Dad and Wilster...2011?  It's all paired with a my wedge Miz Mooz boots (similar without the heel).

Wednesday was an almost snow day again, so I went with my cozy 70s dress that Christy and I both got at H&M on the girls' trip.  I paired it with an old pair of suede Steve Madden boots.  I last wore this outfit when I was a flower child at my parents' anniversary party.

And finalement, Thursday's outfit was inspired by the fact that I wanted to be in my pajamas and in bed.  So I dressed as cozy as I could with a pair of kickass heels.  The tunic is from H&M...but there's a similar one I'm eyeing up at Aritzia that my cousins, Danielle and Renée and Aunty Marcie were all wearing this past weekend. (here)  I also like this long sleeve version.  We just got an Aritzia in Saskatoon and it opened this week, you can bet I'll be checking these babies out!

 And hey, let's end off this week with some cuteness.  We got the kids' photos back, I can't wait to hang these up in their hallway!

Have a great chocolate weekend! Come back on Monday for my October in numbers review! Link up if you have one too.

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  1. We've all had those parenting moments. Don't be too hard on yourself :)! All Lucia will remember is that she had her costume by the time the party started. You must be the most stylish teacher at school - I love everything. And what's an Aritzia?

  2. Good job momma! Being a good mom is about problem solving and that you did!

    Aritzia..... Finally.... Good but dangerous. Maybe don't tell dan!

  3. You are a fantastic mom and this post is awesome. Agreed with the style challenges. i do however, LOVE your personal style. That 70s dress though!!

  4. Great recovery with Lucia! I think sometimes, in an effort to do it all, I forget that Hugh is part of Team Hamilton. Glad Dan was able to help.

    I DO NOT think that top is too tight. I love that outfit. My favourite outfit though is the last. LOVE those heels and scarf. Also like how you brought the leggings down over your heel.

  5. Now those are some CUTE kids! Love Lucia's hand on her hip. Such spunkiness. My heart hurts for you reading about the misadventure on Thursday, scrambling to get a costume to your baby at school. I hated that part of being a working mom. There were times I was at school 'mothering' or caring for someone else's children while I worried about having neglected my own. Our children love us and know they are loved, though, and forgive us the occasional forgetful moment. XO

  6. My heart ached for you on this one. I've been there and writing this is reminding me of those mommy fails. Excuse me while I sniff back tears. :( Glad you have a Super Dan! Honestly, I cannot see him not covering the fail moment. He's a good man and dad. You are a totally sexy mama in that leopard print mini. meow....

  7. Aw mom! Don't sweat it!! She will laugh about the whole thing 20 years from now!!

  8. you're bound to not get something right when you're trying to be everything for everyone.
    I've been in such a daze lately - the other day my mom asked for advil, I went and got her two and then placed them on the table... in front of Annabelle! Thankfully, my mom was like "um, those are for me right?" before Annabelle grabbed them. Ooops.


Have a lovely day!