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A week of stuff

It's been a fantastic week for this BlueJays loving family, despite the fact that I was single parenting with way too many 4-6 hours of sleep nights and way too much school work to do and well, there's never enough time.  You know what there was time for though??? Celebrating the first division win in 22 years.

Cheers to the Jays!

Now on to what I wore.....
Outfit 1- it was jeans day and I was thrilled to bring out the acid wash.  It was also the last day of the workwear challenge....blazer+white top+dark denim + coloured shoes.

Outfit 2 is a bonus because it was on the weekend and I don't recall why we were posing for pictures....

Outfit 3 was a stretch for me because of the matchy matchy of the shoes and shirt.  I wanted to try it because the oranges were in different shades and I thought it looked neat. And also, I could go biking late at night and not get hit by cars.  And you should probably replace biking in the sentence with drinking wine on the deck.

Outfit 4 was the closest I will get to wearing the crazy bowtie shoes.  The floral top is something that Kyla didn't keep from an order to Simons..which happens often between us.

Outfit 5 is just "meh" in my books. Also it was 22 degrees that day and my classroom had the heat blasting so I ended up sweating my makeup off.  What a superb feeling when you're in front of students. Ugh.  Also, the kids didn't sleep the night before so it was just a crappy day.  I should have stayed home with my whine.

Outfit 6 was in celebration of the previous evening clinch by the Blue Jays.  The Jays' fans in my classes appreciated it.

I'm going to be starting the fall challenge on Monday, but I'll also be doing Carrie, Whitney and Casey's Create28 challenge when I need some extra inspiration.  I have learned from the workwear challenge that I'm not a wardrobe capsule type of girl, and I can't wear the same thing over and over again because I like variety and I think that's what I appreciate the most about Carrie and Casey's Create 28...I get the liberty of playing with what I have.  So, stay tuned next week when I showcase some of these outfits along with some of the fall challenge ensembles.

Come back on Monday for my month review in numbers and see how many shoes I did or didn't repeat in September!  Join me too and link up your posts!

Have a most excellent weekend, if you're reading this on Friday, then I'm liking chilling with my bestie who's in town...she's also being featured on The Blended Blog today...go check her out!

Linking up with Casey, Carrie and Whitney