A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

A post full of truths

I am in a blog rut and had a couple moments last week when I was tempting to hang up the shoes and spend my time doing other things...but then Jordan left a thoughtful comment on a post (here)that made me rethink it and then Carrie texted something thought provoking that turned into a Google Hangout with her, Lana and myself and well, those always renew my faith in what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

Why am I blogging anyway? I started 6 years ago because I wanted to document my life and I knew nothing about followers and sharing and what a blog community was.  I posted randomly, whenever something came to me.  Now I post because it's some great me time, I love writing and coming up with things.  I love the blog community that is around me and have some great friendships in it.  I have gained in followers and now get paid an average of 20-40$ a month for posts.  It's not a lot, but it's almost a pair of shoes.

But do I love it?  It is starting to feel like a job and losing it's creative flair.  I don't want to lose that voice that I've created but I also don't want to quit entirely. 

So here's a thought.  What if I went back to posting randomly, whenever I wanted to on whatever I wanted to.  I find that when I read blogs, those are the posts that I like the most because they reflect the true voice and creativity of the author.  Blogging for me is creative,  and I don't want to be stuck to a schedule anymore.
I'm a teacher, true and true, aren't I?  I live by an agenda and the bell telling me the who, what and whens of my day.  It only makes sense that I've made my blog to be like that too.

OooooOoO shoes.....
Sorry, was distracted by shoeme.ca

Speaking of teaching.  I do believe in signs and if Jordan, Carrie and Lana's were signs for my blog, for me to keep trudging down the road less traveled, then parent teacher interviews were my sign that I answered the right call in going back to the classroom.  Let me explain:
Sign 1- They give me Grade 12 Christian Ethics (or what we call, Éducation Chrétienne) which is my favourite class to teach and I get to teach a group of kids I have never taught but kinda knew.  They have turned out to be such a wonderfully mature group that I look forward to seeing every day.
Sign 2- I was told I had Grade 10 French in June, which is what I prepped all summer for.  I get to school the first week to find out I actually had Grade 11 French, which I haven't taught since I started teaching in 2001.  In teacher talk, that means a shitload of prepping to do because no one uses overheads anymore and well, there's the internet. Wait, there may have been internet in 2001. I can't remember because it was so freaking long ago.   So there's that, but when I get the grade 11s I get a group of 17 (yes, there is only 17) (shhhhh, don't tell anyone) of complete angels.  Seriously, I want to hug them in a non-creepy way everyday.  And they are so advanced that now I'm finding I have to change how I was going to do everything because I'm not going to challenge them.  And here's the thing: I. Don't. Mind.  I actually enjoy pushing myself.  Who'da thunk it?
Sign 3- Parent Teacher Interviews this week were ah-mazing.  I got so many "we are so glad you're backs" and "so and so was thrilled when she saw she had yous" that maybe, just maybe, it made me realize that I picked the right path.  And well, that's a great feeling.

So blogging is just a thing I do, but I like doing it and I want to keep doing it because when I'm loving it, I'm getting the same great feels as I would if I had a great day in the classroom.  I guess it makes me feel accomplished.  And I'm getting to be a really fast typer.  But wait, fun fact.  In Information Processing 10 in High School (now there's a class we don't have anymore)  I got 100% because even then I was a speeding typer.  If only you could see me multitask right meow.
Oh wait you can, because of the magic of screen capture.

and you might as well see from the other side.  It's face mask and corona night!  I'm using (and loving) the Boscia Illuminating Black Mask, fyi.

So now it's feedback time.  Please let me know what you think about me being a scheduled blogger or a random blogger.  Does it even make a difference to you?