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A Fall Blog Hop: Transitioning Vests

Welcome to my little spot and a most Happy Thanksgiving to you.  You can bet we're spending tons of time this weekend with friends and family, celebrating our blessings and eating boatloads of turkey and pumpkin pie.
Speaking of blessings, I'm grateful my Dad was willing to take some pictures for me on a gorgeous Sunday, in between teaching Willis how to ride a bike and chasing Lucia on her tricycle.  I was sweating in the sun, but it was kinda fun pretending to be a model.   If you're visiting from the blog hop, then you'll know that I've been tasked with showing how to transition summer vests into fall, so let's get right to it.

1) The denim vest.  Same purpose as in the summer: an extra layer for warmth.  But instead of it covering up maxi dresses or crop tops, the handy denim vest now layers over plaid shirts and sweaters.
These looks are from this past summer with the same vest.

 Same vests, many degrees of sunshine different.

2) Menswear vests.  Fact: I have a love for a menswear vest or sleeveless blazer.  In the summer I wore them over rompers and maxi dresses, like so at grad:

Now I'm pairing them with turtlenecks and jeans and t-shirts.  This white vest I have is too big for me, so I'm going to have to have it brought in...I love it way too much to donate it.

Here are a few other ways I've worn vests to work this fall:

I also have 2 black vests: one that is structured and the other one is more flowy.

Other vests that I would be adding to this list that could easily be transitioned is the military vest, but I don't have one.  It would look great paired with a plaid top, skinny jeans and rubber boots .

fall vests

And because I'm already thinking winter, here are a couple must have vests for the upcoming snow season.

Thanks for stopping by, now head on over to my dear friend, Lana's blog, where she'll show you how she styles summer tanks.  Have a great Monday!