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Ah, snap

I had a Mom fail moment this week, which is a sign that I'm falling back into that "doing a whole bunch of things and none of them really well" type of living which is exactly what I didn't want. There's not enough of me to go around, I guess.

When I brought Lucia to school on Thursday, I did so thinking she had school on Friday and that was her day to dress up and do the whole costume thing.  Except as I drove away, seeing some of her little friends toting bags with treats and costumes, I got freaked out and texted Kyla (responsibly, of course). Which I often do because I am always feeling like I'm dropping her off when I shouldn't be and vice versa. Kyla let me know that the girls did not have school the next day and today (Thursday) was the day for the Halloween party.
And there was my little lady, arriving in her classroom, learning she didn't have a costume.  Lucia LOVES school and is extremely excited for every moment she gets to be there, incl…

Gowns with

Today's post is sponsored by  Check them out herefor an impressive assortment of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and other gowns.

A couple times a year, I get a real urge to dress up and have somewhere fancy to go.  I love pretty dresses, so when I was approached by beFormal to do a post, I was more than happy to check out their  Formal Dresses Australia to see a fantastic selection of very pretty gowns.

These are my top three that I would definitely wear if my husband were to take me out somewhere fancy (hint, hint, Daniel).  Actually, come to think of it, these selections would also be great as Mother of the Groom dresses (hint, hint, Mother).

Dress 1 is so classy.  I love the lace top and the colour of this gown.  My sister would wear this gown in flash, I bet.

Dress 2 is something I could see on my Mom.  It's simple and lovely.

Dress 3 is my style and reminds me of the sparkle and sass that my grad dress had.

Well, it looks like I've picked out our …

How we celebrated 40 years

There were many facets to our weekend of celebrating Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary.  It looked a little something like this:
Friday night we mourned the loss of the Blue Jays together.  It was an exciting game and we were very sad to see them lose.  Sad, but also proud and grateful to have experienced playoff baseball. Willis immediately started bawling the moment the last out was made.  He was so upset.  He went straight to his room with his head covered with a blanket and was adamant I not talk to him.  I persisted and talked him through his feelings and it turned into a great learning opportunity for us.  I want Willis to be able to lose with grace- he is one competitive boy and if he gets all worked up whenever he loses then it's going to be a long battle.
Saturday morning was family photos. I can't wait to get the proofs.  It was a beautiful, sunshiney morning.

Next up was the vow renewal ceremony.  I loved Mom's outfit- it reminded me of something Carrie would …

Nostalgic Series 4

These Mondays are great for me as they give me a chance to look back on what I've done on this blog and appreciate the little things that I'm certain I would have forgotten by now.  So yay for another point for the benefits of oversharing on the interwebs.  You can read my past Nostalgic Posts here

Today's throwback is to Feb 28th, 2011.  You can read the original post and comments here

10 things I currently am adoring about Willis:
The way he insists we 'shake on it' when we're making a deal.How he selectively pronounces the 'l' or 't'. Kyla. Wucia. Dad wook!His goofy face- see picture. How he insists on dressing himself in the am with the door shut even though he ends up just in his boxers 10 minutes later.How, when playing Mario Kart he steers with his whole body, arms straight.How he offers us everything.  Example:  Dad: Willis, I haven't seen that movie.  Will :Well, I'll take you.  Dan: Willis, I don't have ski-pa…

The week that happened

The weekly scoop:

My weekly ritual: Thursday night, a glass of red and a blog to compose for the next day.
One problem, I have no wine.  So it's a sad, sad night.
Also, the Jays are making me very very nervous.  I start feeling like I'm going to vomit on game days. Nonetheless, it has been thrilling watching them in playoffs!
Dan was working away in YYG this week and I survived.  And there wasn't any wine in the house. Miraculous if you ask me.
I didn't feel horribly overwhelmed this week, but I did go in to school last weekend to get ahead, also to make sure I was ready in case the kids were sick, as they were on the brink of it all week.  Luckily, nobody missed any school and instead I got a couple of cuties doing math on my whiteboard while I prepped:

Here's the run down of what I wore this week:

1) Parent Teacher Interviews on Friday.  Loved this outfit and I haven't any complaints.  It was my version of the OOTD for the Fall Challenge.  I think the combo…

Wedding Dresses with

Today's post is sponsored by  Check out Cocomelodyfor an impressive assortment of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and other gowns.
This weekend we are celebrating my Mom and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary.  They were married on a beautiful fall day on Sept. 20th, 1975 in small town Saskatchewan.   Mom grew up in Marcelin, where they were married, and my Dad's hometown, Shellbrook is just 20 minutes away.  There weren't any destination wedding dresses or beach wedding dresses during the 70s, at least not for their crowd, (my Mom was only 17 and Dad was 20) so the affair was definitely nothing fancy. In fact, my Grandma sewed all the bridesmaid dresses.
Much has changed since their wedding day, most notably the fashion.  So I thought it would be neat to do today's post in honour of their great accomplishment.
If it were my vow renewal, I'd be all over getting to pick out another dress, my mom likely would not. So let's play "What Deena…

Willis the believer

Willis is at a magical age where we're just on the edge of him still fervently believing in the magic of childhood.  I have a feeling that it may be Lucia who becomes the first non-believer.  She is such a realist.  Mom, those are just girls in costumes, dressed as Anna and Elsa.

Willis, on the other hand, is terrified of the tooth fairy and for the past 3 teeth, has left notes requesting the tooth fairy find the tooth in another room altogether.  Then he started getting crafty, asking favours from the fairy.  She was not too keen on his last request of her cleaning up the living room. So she made a big fort instead and left him 1.70$ in change.

Both kids are still terrified and reluctant to get up closer and personal with Santa Claus.  Here's a little throwback for you, we had a tradition growing up that at my Grandma Diehl's place, that Santa would come on Christmas Eve.  For all the years I believed, I spent my nights fretting about his arrival: I'd sit and look ou…