A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

What I Wore to Work and then some

Oh, it's been a week.
I'm happy to report that I'm back to feeling 100% comfortable in the classroom; I love my students already and even look forward to spending my two hours with them.  I teach Christian Ethics 30 (in French) in 2nd and French 20 in third.  That means I'm done at noon and have plenty of lovely afternoons with Lucia or lovely afternoons with yours truly.
Maybe a 'Day in my life' post should be in order next week.

The part of this week that is still leaving my overwhelmed is the prep.  Two classes that I haven't taught in awhile leaves me only half a step ahead of my students, and that doesn't make me feel good. Hopefully things will calm down.

But hey, the other thing I love about being back in the classroom? Dressing for it!
Here's what I wore this week.  Note, there are 5 different looks.  All of them, except one, is from Alison's Work Wear Challenge.  Can you guess the Deena created look? She had a blue oxford paired with a bright pants and I don't do blue oxfords, so I got crafty.  ALSO? I haven't worn the same pair of shoes yet to school.  New life goal: see how long I can go without a repeat.
Anyway, back to the looks of le week:

I need a new photo place, the lighting is getting dark here.  This is a new top from Anthropologie (check out the back!) paired with denim wide leg trousers (Loft-old) and cork nude pumps (Nine West, old)

I'm happy to report that some of my students got and appreciated this tee...I wish more did

Lucy and I had a girls' afternoon at the mall and she picked her own outfit which was similar to the one I was wearing and then insisted she carry Toto and Toothless around in their basket.

We then hit up a park where she practiced her skillz.

And then I made her take a picture with me.  Side note, that bag is the one Christy made me buy on the girls' trip at Michael Kors. I LOVE it.  Thanks for being pushy, bestie.

Cozy Cozy for a rainy day.

Black on Black with a pop of colour and some leopard.  Loved this outfit!
That's it, that's all!  Next week marks the end of the work wear challenge and then the fall one will be up and running.  I plan on continuing my outfit posts, mostly because I want to prove to hubby that I wear everything but also because girl needs to keep track of the shoes.
Have a fabulous weekend!