A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

What fall looks like for me.

Fall is a magical time, isn't it?
It is really hard to be in a bad mood when most days it feels like I'm driving around in a painting: bright blue skies, trees in multicolours, geese flying in their formation overhead.  I love the crispness in the air, the changing of wardrobes and the promise of cozy times by the fire to come.
I hope you like fall too because I'm fall-theming all my posts this week.  There's food, fashion and decor to talk about this week.
But let's start with the most important: time spent with family.

We had a supreme fall weekend spent with Kyla, her kidlets and my parents.  Well, really, it was just Saturday but it started the weekend off on the right foot.  My parents celebrated 40 blissful years of marriage yesterday, so of course we wanted to celebrate with them (which was my excuse for cake). Kyla (and her hubby) make the best cakes.  Look at that masterpiece!  It was even in the shades of their wedding colours.

I can't believe you were 18 when you got married, Mother.

But that cake?  It tasted even better than it looked, if that's possible.  But we didn't eat the carnations, that'd be weird.  For the most part, the day was spent outdoors: quadding, harvesting, winterizing the pool and then having a campfire.  Of course, we were in and out of the house to check out the Jays' game and had it on le radio outside, we're hardcore that way.
For me, fresh air is so good for my soul.  Actually, I don't know if it's the air itself or the colours.  It actually might be more the colours.  I love bright, bold shades of everything and fall gives that everyday.  It's awesome that way.

In my Christian Ethics 30 class this week we talked a lot about the root of happiness and what makes people 'pleinement humain'...or fully alive.  For the record, things like relationships, service and nature brought out the feelings of pure joy in people.  Nature and relationships are definitely the top of my list.  How can you not feel good when looking at the colours the sun can throw out in the fall. Moving to an acreage was the best decision ever, husband!

Also? This makes me happy (taken on Friday.....)  Go, Jays.

Now I just spent too long trying to remember the word for something that brings back memories when you taste it or smell it.  Not nostalgic....not déjà-vu.....it's a pretty word.  Urg.  For now, I'm going to go with evocative, even though that isn't what I was looking for.  Anyway...come back on Wednesday when I share with you some (insert word I'm missing here) foods that make me think of fall and the important people in my world.