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What a day looks like for me: fall edition

I did a Day in the life of me post last year when I was a cyber teacher.  You can read my previous posts here.
Much has changed since I went back to the classroom part time and Lucia started Kindergarten. So go ahead, I permit you to be snoopy.  Let's see what I do in a day.

Wake up 6:30 (and on the day I wash my hair- 6:00).  I treasure this quiet time before anyone else wakes up.  The sun is beautiful too.

I'm done my hair/makeup by 6:50ish and then sneak in 10-15 minutes to read/comment on my favourite blogs before the kids get up.  I also get to watch some amazing colour changes in the sky.

Next up is the breakfast routine once the little monsters get up: Willis has 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and a glass of milk, Lucia has either Mini Wheats, porridge or Rice Krispies.  I also have one piece of toast with peanut butter, make my coffee and my smoothie for the drive into town.

OH, and the other thing that happens in the morning is my outfit selfie.  For the time being on the deck in the back is the best place for lighting.  This is my set phone fits in that little green candle. #dowhatyouhavetodo

We're out the door at 8:00 and ready for our 30 minute drive to drop Willis off (and sometimes Lucia) at school.  We're going to have to start parking the vehicles in the garage soon, it's getting to be quite frosty in the mornings.

Lucia goes to school twice a week, so on the days she doesn't have school, I bring her to daycare, which is conveniently en route to my school.  Right now, she is currently LOVING school and begs to go everyday.

Once the kids are safely at their destinations, I'm off to my school.  I teach periods 2 and 3, which is roughly from 9:30-12:00.  My 2nd is Éducation Chrétienne 30 and I have a delightful group of 26 grade 12s.  This is my favourite course to teach and we're currently talking about belief systems.  In 3rd, I have 17 grade 11s for Français 20.  We are currently studying comic strips (in french, obvs).

What I do with my afternoons varies on whether Lucia has school or not.  On her daycare days, I pick her up around 12:30 and we hang out, running errands and playing in the park, then getting Willis.  On days that they're both in school, I go for a run somewhere and sometimes do school work. Mostly, I wander Winners. #truth.
running in the park by the kids' school

and then it's time to pick up the kids

And then we're on the way home.  Unless it's Wednesday and then Willis has piano.  We purposely didn't schedule activities during the week- it just gets too busy when you live out of town.  Also, the Jays are on after school.  #priorities  #goteam

After school I get lunches cleaned up and repacked, supper gets going and the kids play.  Willis gets to pick when he does his homework -piano, french reading, dictée.(I 'give' him the choice of after school or after supper) Most times he picks after supper.

Dan gets home around 5:30 and we eat and then they clean up, do activities while I do my workout.

Around 7:30 it is bath (Lucia) and shower (Willis) time, needle time (Lucia) and bed time snack.  And then we read.  Willis has been asking me to cuddle with him and read, it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm all over that.

Currently, I'm reading the Bloggess' Furiously Happy and I love it.  And hey, look, she used the word nostalgic to describe food memories!

Once the kids are tucked in, I have a couple hours to do the following: blog, read blogs, work on anything personal (currently it's organizing my photos in iPhoto), corrections, school prep, cyber work.  Mostly my time has been dominated by school work.  I also watch Gilmore Girls while I work, or Big Bang.  Bedtime for me is 1030 ish and I usually read for 30 minutes before finally shutting down for the night.

And that's a typical day in my world!

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