A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

La Lucia's first day and other favourites of the week

Oh, what a week.   This was emotion overboard on so many levels:  3 out of the 4 of us experienced first day syndrome, 1 of us launched a new website and has been on edge, 4 of us have had major change in routine.
Wait, this is starting to sound like a numbers post.  Let's save that for Monday.  That's right, Monday I'll review my August in numbers.  You should join along!

Now, today is about all the crazy that went down in 4 short days.

1) Let's start with the rather awesome stuff.  First, my week was met with a kind gesture from my blog friends.  We have a project going on that should be released next week and they have been so fun to work with.  That's all I'll say about that.  Oh, and thank you, ladies.  You are far too kind.

2) Second awesomesauce event was being featured on Andrea's blog yesterday.  Mostly, it was entertaining to get a text from Christy in the a.m saying what the what?! She had read it twice.  You can read Andrea's post here.  I'm also linking up with her today for her Friday Favourites series.

Now let's get to the real reason I know you are here (well, my mom for sure anyway): Lucia's first day of school.

Here's the thing.  For the past 2 weeks, Lucia has been a basket case and hasn't been able to leave my side without mega tears.  Okay, Willis has also been the same and I've been dreading this moment.  We made an awesome trio.


But then, all of a sudden, everything changed on Tuesday when we took Willis  to his first day and Kinsey was there, having her first day and then Lucia, being typical Lucia was quite mad because she wanted to stay.
Also, before I go on with this post, may I add that having my first niece enter kindergarten (in the same class as Lucia) feels just like having another child going out into the world. I look forward to hearing Kinsey's tall tales as much as I do those from my children.  Kyla was kind enough to share a first with me and let me put it on the blog.  Also, we've really enjoyed Face-timing with the kids to share our adventures.  Man, I miss living with them.


So Lucia from that point on (seeing Kinsey do her first day) was quite excited for school, so the stress level with her went down quite significantly.

The night before school Lucia was more than eager to help prep her lunch.  She requested egg salad sandwiches (and sea salt), with garden cucumbers and dill.  That she picked herself.

Meanwhile, I was busying myself prepping the handout that her teacher requested for Day one.  It was harder than I thought and I had to bug Dan for help with some questions.   These type of questionnaires are my favourite thing to read, as a teacher.  When I was teaching grade 9s, I would have parents fill out a 'Tell Me About Your Kid in One Million Words or Less' form.  They were always so heart-warming.

 And then it was time for the bedtime before she officially became a child of school and would run off into the world without me at her side.
And then I got all choked up and sappy and took as many pictures as I could to remember this moment.
Because you know, as a parent, you spend so much time with these babies: growing them, tending to them, feeding them, teaching them.  They are your life for such a big chunk of time.
And then all of a sudden they're off in the world on their own adventures and it isn't you, as a parent, who will be right next to them to witness those awe-filled eyes or see some of the firsts that can occur at school.   I envy Lucia and Kinsey's teacher.  I could never be a kindergarten teacher, but I wish I could be a fly on the wall, witness to the wonderment and joy that fills a classroom of littles.

So off to school she went.  She woke up thrilled, dancing around the house, yelping: SCHOOL DAY! SCHOOL DAY!  She ignored my first day of school outfit that I had picked for her (adorable military vest and leggings) and went with a trio of patterns.  OH, the style.
She was giddy with excitement, but 'a little bit nervous, mom'  when she drove off to school with Willis and Dan (who luckily got to accompany her for the first hour).  
I got to pick her up and was thrilled to have a moment with her teacher to chat about the day.  This may have been my favourite part.  She said Lucia was hilarious and made her laugh so much she snorted.  She said the entire class got a kick out her giggles.  Madame went on saying that Lucia came up with the cutest and smartest things to add to conversations and was a great little addition to their group.
Really, her first day couldn't of gone better.   Except for the part where she almost threw a fit because she didn't want to leave her indoor shoes there.  Hmmmm.
I managed to record our conversation in the car without either of them knowing.  #sneakymommove

We ended our day with Lucia's version of her 'yes' day....she took us to McDonalds for a 3:45 supper and then the bouncy castles.

Thanks for sticking with me through this loooong post as well as this loooong week.  I'm really looking forward to some down time to hopefully get ahead on some yard work, fall decorating and school planning.
Have a great long weekend!