A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale


There are so many different ways you can match your shoes. That's a fact.
From the color of your clothing to your mood – there are many wide horizons that it can be very overwhelming. Today, I am going to share some tips for mixing and matching your favorite shoes as I know there are many things that need to be considered.

So, one of the first and one of the most classic ways to match your shoes is with color. Imagine you are dressing in blue. Logically a nice pair of blue shoes would be your first pick, but this is the old fashion way. The contemporary and new way for matching shoes is playing with opposite colors in the color wheel. So if you are dressing all in blue then pull bright yellow shoes! It will look modern and make a much more interesting look to your outfit.

 Another way to can match your shoes is by looking to your printed clothing or multi-colors for inspiration.  For instance, if your blouse is printed in various colors like blue, green and black then you can pull footwear in these colors!

If you really want to dress in the same color palette then you can definitely do it while matching your shoes. But have some fun and pull shoes in slightly different shade color. For instance, if you are dressing all in bright red, wear heels in burgundy. This will complete your look instantly and will avoid looking a monochromatic head-to-toe red.

Now let‘s continue with seasons and shoes to match it. We all understand that those high heels you are in love are neither comfortable nor acceptable or warm in cold seasons. Try walking through 2 feet of snow in 3 inch heels.  Not happening. I usually wear my big boots to work and bring my heels in a bag.   During summer, chose footwear that is light and easy, this is no place for those Sorels.  Fall, Summer and Spring are much interchangeable and can create some fun looks, I usually rotate out the colors that don't work and keep in the basics: nudes, metallics and plaid.

Right now is the best time to shop for all these shoes out of season shows, which means lower prices and better selection! Moreover, if you use some life hacks (for instance, Nordstrom promo codes from ChameleonJohn.com) you can reduce that price tag even more. So enjoy!

Finally, the last thing you should consider before pulling a shoe is whether or not those heels work for you. For instance, if you are a lady with short legs, stay away from heels with ankle straps or T-straps – it will shorten your legs even more. Also, ladies with short legs should avoid heels that are more than four inches tall. If you have long feet and wish to make them look smaller then choose heels with oval-shaped or square-toed heels. And always have a pair of classic black heels that can match any occasion, outfit and season flawlessly. 

So, enjoy choosing the best shoe, mixing it and matching it and have a great time dressing up!

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