First days for everyone. Well almost.

by - September 02, 2015

Yesterday marked two first days of school: for me and Willis.  Ya, I've been at work since last week but Tuesday was first day of classes.
I do not enjoy the first day of classes.
Our home has been mostly filled with dread, tears, anxiety, nervousness and fear.  For the most part, Willis has been upset for the past couple nights, not looking forward to school at all.  And apparently, when Willis gets himself worked up, he becomes inconsolable.  Like when Mom brought him back to P.A last week so they could go camping while I was away and he cried all the way there.
Because he wanted his mom.
Okay, that I secretly don't mind (sorry Mom, you get the brunt end of it) but I know my boy won't always be missing me.
So Willis had himself convinced that he didn't want to go to school.  I thought we talked him out of it a couple times, but then he'd work himself back up.
Honestly, I was feeling the same way, so we made a great pair.
The first day for teachers is just as nerve-wracking as it is for kids.  I want my students to like me, to feel comfortable around me and to want to come to my class.
So Willis, I totally get where you were coming from this week.

I'm happy to report that both of our first days were huge successes.  Teaching is kinda like riding a bike; one of those skills you can't forget how to do.  As much as I hate the 30 minute Deena show that I had to put on for my two classes, once I got rolling it was like I hadn't missed a year.  Plus I was teaching a bunch of the kids I had 2 years ago and who are now in Grade 11 as well as some Grade 12s that I knew from before.

As for Willis,  Lucia and I brought Willis to his class and he was thrilled to see most of his friends were in the same class.  It was also Kinsey's first day (group is split in two and Lucia goes Thursday, that is her pouting in the foreground because she wanted to stay at school) and Willis was more than happy to show his little cousin around.

When I came back to pick him up, he was Chatty McChatterson and was over the moon happy with his day.  Some of his observations:

I'm so impressed with my group, Mom.
I talked to Kinsey at each recess and asked her questions and then she ran away and played in the sandbox
I played football at recess with Kian, Finnley, Noah, Christian, Landon, Logan, all my friends, mom.
I like all the kids in my class.
There is no disrupters in the group.  Oh wait, there's one.
I didn't get sweaty in gym and we played blastball.
I get to sit by Noah, my buddy.  He's my old friend, Mom.
Can you believe that I've been in school for four years?
Having Kinsey to play with at recess was my favourite thing.
Nothing was my least favourite.
Rachel is my girlfriend.  But you knew that.  Since like last year.
Mom, we've won 74 games (now referring to the Blue Jays)
I told Noah my shirt was the last one, Uncle Kevin had to take it off the, what was it mom?  The mannequin.  Me and Noah chatted lots.  He talked about the movie 8 Below and I talked about, I forget actually.  What if one of those Home Hardware cleanup crew guy tripped? That would be funny, right mom? (again, distracted by the Blue Jay game)

After school was the abridged version of Willis' Journée d'Oui (yes day).  He got to pick one activity and supper, so he was more than pleased when Noah (and Noah's family) came along too.  We went to the batting cages, then mini golf and ended up a rather perfect day with supper at FuddRuckers.

You know, I'm glad we both had those moments of nervousness; it gave us an opportunity to talk it out together and ultimately, I think it brought us closer because seriously, what grade 3 runs up to his mom and gives her a big kiss and I love you the minute he sees her? Yay, me!

Thursday is Lucia's first day and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she loves it as much as I think she will.  I guess you'll find out on Friday.

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  1. I like your back to school outfit :) Grady held my hand home after school. I love that and know it will end sooner than I want it to. Cheers to the first day back for everyone!

  2. YAY for successful days for both of you!! i've been thinking about you heading back to work, I knew you'd do great and you look super cute (as per usual)

  3. Haha I love his play by play of school!

  4. I bet you are seriously the FUNNEST teacher! :) Cheers to everyone's first day being a success!! (with my 4oz glass of wine) XOXOXO

  5. I'm encouraged by this post and the fact that you don't forget how to teach. I need to remember that truth. Love first day of school pictures of both you and Willis. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow.

  6. It's hard going back and starting a new routine. I'm glad both of your first days were a success! Your back to school outfit is so cute!

    Doused In Pink

  7. Oh my gosh, I love this, Willis was me every year! Maybe until 7th grade! So glad that so far everyone's first day went well. Love everything that Willis said about his first day, so cute. And good luck to Lucia tomorrow!

  8. awesome blog! i didn't realize Willis had such worries!

  9. YAY for great first days for you both!! Love the first day chat and all the things he loved!! And how fun to play with his buddy after school! You've had a good few days! Go have some deserve it!!

  10. and I've been thinking of you, on your lovely year long maternity leave.....and also, I've been thinking of wine.

  11. Sometimes, I dream of using my 3, 4 oz glasses all in one night. I wonder if that's legal....

  12. No kidding, if one could just fast-forward past that first moment, all is good.

  13. It makes me crazy that I make myself crazy over such a small change too. Really not worth my stress!

  14. God is good. All the time.
    That was the mantra given by the priest in morning devotion. I need to remember that truth more often

  15. As if, he is the one who cried all the way to PA for you!

  16. I'll drink to that! Cheers, teacher friend!

  17. The anticipation is usually worse than the actual day. I love Willis' commentary after school! And your outfit is really cute.


Have a lovely day!