A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Fall clothing and decor favourites.

Linking up with Andrea as well as Casey, Whitney and Carrie for a little bit of fall fashion and a whole lot of fall decor.

This week I have worn: 3 outfits are from Alison's WorkWear Challenge, two aren't because I couldn't wear jeans or didn't want to wear a blue oxford and thusly made my own creations.  I also had to figure out a new outfit spot this week as the sun is getting up lazily later every day.  Slacker.

PS...these are my new floral sh$% kickers (Doc Marten, Soft Moc), acquired on the girls' trip last month.  Also...not too sure why my hair went wild for this picture. Whatevs.

Paint splatter patterned top (DKNY- Winners), New black blazer (Halogen- Nordstrom-similar), old purple pants (Winners) and Nine West giraffe print shoes.  Which were a mistake to wear.  I haven't worn them in ages and now my feet are all scarred up.

Pearls (push present from Dan when I had Willis), white top (Joe Fresh), leopard leggings (H&M) and red heels (Chinese Laundry)

I realize this outfit is a little bit of everything.  There's floral, lace, leather and if there was a tassle on the back of my boots, I'd have fringe.  Blazer- H&M, Black top- H&M, Leather mixed media pencil skirt - Michael Kors, cognac boots- Sam Edelman.

Shirt dress- Gap, booties- DWS, Scarf- gift from friend.
That's it, that's all.  As a side note, I wore those giraffe flat sandal thingies on Monday and they sliced up my feet pretty nasty.  It's been a long week of trying to wear comfy shoes and not aggravate my blisters.   I am soooo looking forward to a weekend in nothing but my pajamas and bare feet!

On to decor...........
My house is now fully decorated for fall.  The counters are adorned with a multitude of pumpkins, big and small.  Most of which have been 'decorated' by Lucia and by decorate, I mean scribbled on with pencil and marker.  Oy.   Our walls are festooned in garlands of leaves and random drawings by the little Miss . Fall has arrived and it's beautiful.  As you can see, my tomato collection is on it's last rounds...for the past 3 weekends, I've been making a batch of tomatoe something or other as they ripened.  This weekend is the last batch.  I think I will make more spaghetti sauce.

My classroom even has some fall decor.  Okay, it's only a wreath.  I'll have to work on that.

It has been another busy week, barely keeping ahead of my school work and only just staying on top of my correcting.  I guess I kinda made it busy myself, booking lots of outings with my people: an art class with Kyla, a sushi date with Jordan and an all you can eat shrimp night with the girls last night.

Life, particularly in the fall, is beautiful.
Have a splenderrific weekend.  Come back on Monday for the Nostalgic Series linkup...share an old post or something that reminds you of the past!