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August in numbers

It's that time again!  Time to look back at my month, using numbers, because it's the only way that I use math.  Link up with me, I will be doing this post on the first Monday of every month until I get bored.  You can read my previous posts here

3 new blogs followed and read religiously:   Military Wife and Pug Life (found through comments on common her voice, makes me laugh every time.  She reminds me of a mix of the humour stylings of the Bloggess, Jyl and ABOotlander .  Then there's the Bachelorette Kaitlyn and Ali 's blog that I started to follow mostly for the style and because Jillian Harris' blog is one of my favourites.

3 hours prepping and planning for school.  One of my classes switched and I just learned about it 3 days before classes started.  Talk about a panic.  I think I may (fingers crossed) have it under control and hopefully this week will be more reasonable on the homework *for me* front.

2,350 Page views, which is another month on decline and I'm cool with that.  I find that when I start worrying about if the blog is even being read, then it feels not as fun and more like a job and we already have one of those, so let's keep this place as a place where I can just be me and do what I want to do.

907.31$ spent on groceries.  Last month we spent 937$ on groceries and I thought that sounded ridiculous. My mom then emailed me and told me she spent about that and then some on just her and dad!  My goal was to cut down our grocery spending and just until I added the numbers, I thought I did awesome. Yikes.  Maybe that's our normal number.  I'm going to continue to track this, me thinks.

WAYTOOMUCH$$ on clothes/shoes/handbag whilst on our girl trip.  Let's just say that I won't be shopping until winter  (three years from) now.  (EDITOR'S NOTE: I see that hubby did some editing on my draft and crossed out winter and added his own thoughts...  He thinks he's so funny)
There were so many shopping bags amongst us that we needed an entire trolley just for our purchases.  #whatrecession?  But more on that on Wednesday.

8 fish caught over a couple fishing trips.  Well, that's what Willis told me anyway and it could very well be a fish story.

23 Workouts; the 8 days I missed were lake days or the girls' trip.  Yay for making workouts a priority!

2nd round of the 21 day fix complete!  I'm going to take a break and then do it one more time, then I think after that I may do the Insanity workouts....I'm feeling I'm ready for a challenge. I do plan on continuing the eating plan from the 21 day, it has been working to kick my bad habits.

0 Lbs dropped, 0 inches lost...but also 0 gained.  I also didn't measure before I started.  I promise to not be a slacker on the third round.

25$ made on blog doing sponsored posts!

8 runs- this number needs to go up.  One thing that I have been dreading with starting work again is how it would affect my workouts.  I think I have my new routine figured out, and I am excited for a change of more dread.

2.2 seasons watched of Gilmore girls and I'm loving it!  I mostly watch it while on the dreadmill or while doing computer work at night.

In other T.V watching news, I watched season 6 of Suits and am now finally all caught up.  At least I think it was Season 6 that I just watched.  I also spend my Monday nights watching Bachelor in Paradise but ONLY if I am doing school work/blog work or working out.

3.5 books read, which brings my 2015 total to 34 books read (my goal was 20)
The Hypnotist's Love Story was long and hard to get into but good but also not my fave by the author
The Goldfinch was horrible.  I fast forwarded through most of it
The Tao of Martha came in the mail from my lovely friend, Lana.  Isn't surprise mail the best?  I really enjoyed this author and I loved her voice and the way she says things.  Made me laugh. A lot.  My friend Jana, after seeing my FB post on the book, promptly lent me her entire collection of Jen Lancaster books. Yay!!!
I'm currently working on Quiet...which is my brain book for the year.  I really like the concepts I've seen thus far and I think I'm going to base my professional growth plan on the premise of the book.

43 students in my two classes. That's total.  I have the names down for the new faces and am looking forward to building a relationship with them.  So far so good!

400 + photos edited for Jordan's family photo session.  Her family is wonderful.  I have been having camera problems and was nervous for this...but it worked out.  Sadly, my camera broke again last weekend while I was trying to take some GirlTripProfessionalPhotos.  More on that on Wednesday.

3 roadtrips: To Kipabiscau for a weekend at Jordan's cabin, to Sandy Lake with my parents for some camping and then to Calgary/Banff with the girls for our annual getaway.

Birthdays celebrated- Amelia turned 4,  Willis turned 8 and Adelyn turned 3.

 2 Skypes with BrotherBear and Jen while they were travelling Croatia and Italia.  Lucky dogs!

Well that wraps up another month, I feel like I did a poor job keeping track of things, but hey, there's always September!