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A hair challenge

I spend 20some minutes on my makeup every morning and only 3 minutes on my hair.  Okay, maybe it's more like 1.

I have never had patience to do my hair, I am naturally (and proudly) a pony tail girl, tomboy at heart. Having very thick and very straight hair makes for a frustrating process that I tend to avoid, which means I have the process down to an art.  I wash my hair twice a week (usually Sundays and Wednesdays) and the days in between I use dry shampoo.  On most days, I can wake up and go, without paying much attention to my coif.

Thankfully my friends, Sarah and Vanessa came up with a hair challenge, encouraging me to try new things.  Which I kinda did.
For one week, I purposely did my hair differently each day in hopes of adding a little variety to my life, although, I have to admit, my efforts stuck true to my "get it done as quickly as possible" mantra.
All these hair styles took 5 minutes.
The straightened/bangs forward look.  Usually Day one of fresh shampoo

The bangs braided back look because they are starting to annoy me

The half up, top knot look which falls on the last day I go without a wash.

The braided back in a knot, which is my current fave.  It is a close relative to the my go-to summer hair style that I even made a video of.  
The one look I would do, if I were to put 30 minutes into my hair is curly.  I love my curling iron and it's the only one that can get me curls that last a day or sometimes more.  For this look I curled my hair the night before :

and then usually when I wake up I have a beachy wave...'twas not the case this time, so I did it with a few curls hanging down and up in the back:

And hair you have it!

Also- I'm posting on The Blended Blog today, go see what I am yacking about for yourself!


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