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When I let my kids game

My kids don't get tons of screen time and you can guarantee that when they do that there is a rhyme and a reason.  I believe that there is a learning opportunity in everything that you do, video games included, so I really doubt you're surprised to learn that I play the teacher role at home as well.
I like having royal subjects to boss around.
So when I was contacted last week by the people at Kuato Studios about reviewing their newest game, Safari Tales, it was an easy yes. Especially after I learned that their apps were created by a company which was formed by experts from the computer games industry and also award-winning teachers with the purpose of creating exciting games that engage kids.

And any teacher or parent knows that there is not much more perfect than a kid who is completely consumed in a task.

Kuato Studios already has a couple award winning and highly successful games under their belt:
 Their first game, Hakitsu, is a robot battle game where kids take control of a robot and direct him into combat with another. However, in order to direct him they have to program his moves in real Java Script. They start with basic commands where the game writes much of the code and the player tweaks, eventually getting to the point where the player fully programs his own robot battle moves. It has been a phenomenal success both at home and in schools.
I love the idea of this game and I was quite giddy to show this to my Computer Science Degree (with great distinction) husband.  We definitely will be introducing this one to Willis.

Their ‘Tales’ series of games (Dino Tales is the first, Safari Tales the second) aims at enhancing literary skills in kids ages 4 – 10. They have created a wonderful 3D world which young kids can play in, rich with places to visit, games to play and animals to discover. Throughout the game, kids will be reading in order to follow their quests, and can ask an in-game character, Darwin, real questions by selecting words and joining them together to form sentences. They have a few thousand possibilities and he will speak back the answer with facts about animals, their environment, eating habits, etc. This encourages kids to form sentence structure correctly, read and understand meaning.

Saturday was a perfect day to introduce this game to my kids and see what they would think of it. Guess what, they were thrilled and wanted to play it all day.  I know that's not really a surprising reaction to a video game, but what was different about this was that I made them play together and they cooperated with zero issues.  
When I asked them what they liked about it, Lucia was quick to reply that she liked the music and the cute animals that you can be friends with.  Willis, on the other hand, enjoyed learning things about animals (and then insisted he tell me EVERYTHING he learned).

Safari Tales was a huge success in my house and I'm certain it will be on the list of most popular things requested by the kids.  I can't wait to get them to try Dino Tales and Hakitzu as well!

The games can be found at the following sites if you're interested in providing an educational experience for your kids while they get some screen time:

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is a sponsored post for which I received compensation. All opinions expressed are 110% my own and completely honest.  


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