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The Annual Trip with the Hamiltons

For four straight years, we have planned a summer getaway with our friends, the Hamiltons.  You can read about the previous adventures here.

It's pretty neat to see how, in 4 short years, this weekend has quickly morphed into one of the most anticipated for the kids (and adults too).  They have formed friendships with Calder, Boone and Lawson and love hanging out with them.  I don't think the kids had a fight once of the weekend. Which is quite amazing given that my kids seem to LOOOOVE fighting.
I don't know about you, but I think it's really important that we take time out of a life and forge those relationships as it shows the kids the importance of building and maintaining friendships.  I know my parents did that with their family friends and it always stuck out to me as an integral part of life.  Some year, I'd love to see the other members in that group of friends join us!

I guess it makes it easy when you just click, kids aside, even my husband would note that it's a comfortable friendship.  One where you are at ease in silence, have no problem scooping up their children and enjoy the great conversations that come in the quiet evenings, beer in hand, giggles galore in a round of Cards Against Humanity.

This weekend was shorter than usual as we encountered issues kennelling our dogs, but we made every second at Lake Kipabiskau count.  Jordan and Hugh recently purchased a cabin at the lake and we were thrilled to get to be a part of the weekend with them.  Also, Jordan's parents have a lakefront cabin down the lane and we spent the majority of time there (to watch the Jays play kick the Yankees ass).  They were extremely hospitable and a blast to be around.

Thanks for the great weekend, Hamiltons, we look forward to the 5th annual next summer!