A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Summer in review

Today marks the last day of summer. Le sigh.
Tomorrow I head back to school to staff meetings and then Friday is our division Mass. My kids will spend some time with my parents before they start full time in day care on Monday, before school starts on Tuesday.
Yup, it was inevitable, but our summer break is officially over.

I gotta say this though, this was my favourite summer of all time.  Why, you ask?  I think it was a combination of the kids age (read: independence) or  (ability to be left in a room so I can shower and such) along with the pool.  We didn't go anywhere this summer (well anywhere that wasn't more than 2 hours away).  It was a laid back summer that allowed Dan to work at his very busy job and not miss us.  We were quite happy to stay home and swim, three times a day.
We did do other things too.  So for the record, 2015 was the summer of:

  • sing alongs to anything on the radio.  The kids have Andy Grammar's "Honey, I'm Good" and Aqua's "Candyman" down.
  • Fitbit competitions and Willis pacing the house.
  • Willis getting my old phone (for fitbit syncing purposes and playing Scrabble against my mom and Aunty Jen).  This made him seem like more of a teenager than an 8 year old.
  • Nightly card games (garbage is still the most popular...this is a great game for little kids)
  • Many (way too many) games of My Little Ponies.  I now officially know all their names. My Little Ponies may become my kryptonite.  Like that Pokemon shit.
  • Camping trips and fish stories with Grandma and Grandpa.  You guys went up twice without me and I came with you guys once.
  • The kids enjoyed watching the How to Train your Dragon series on Netflix when I did my workouts.  Lucia got a stuffed Toothless that she brings everywhere.
  • Hot, hot days with extreme heat warnings, along with smokey days with air quality warnings.  We didn't have many rainy days and therefore spent a lot of time in the pool.
  • Pool !  We had many pool parties with friends which would usually be accompanied by a campfire and s'mores.  Only one pool party was rained out, so we stuffed the kids in the theatre instead so they could watch Peter Pan and we could eat all the popcorn.
  • Lucia learned how to swim!  She started off terrified of the pool and would only cling to us with her water wings on.  By the last week she was diving under and swimming the width of the pool either with great, powerful, Lucia-sized strokes or underwater.  Yay, Lucia!
  • Willis' main reward (for when he was extra awesome) was video game time.  His game of choice (obsession) was MLB 2015 that he got from Uncle Rob for his birthday.  He loved making himself a Blue Jay and his nickname is Boomer Bronco.
  • Speaking of Blue Jay games....what a great summer for being a Jays fan!  Mind you, we will be Jays fans regardless what their record is, but wowza, for my little statician it's been great.  Ask Willis the stats of any Jay and he will know them, mostly their homeruns/RBIs....he has a freak memory.
  • Books.  I read a lot this summer, but what made it even more fun was the amount the kids read.  Willis and I loved cuddling in bed at night and reading our books (together but separately) 
Let's finish this off with a little peak at the puppet show the kids rehearsed for 2 days (and I think it pretty much sums up the awesomeness that you both were this summer)

Puppet Theatre 1 from Dee on Vimeo.